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Chapter 1 - The beginning

some story that my mind came up with after reading a really really sad and depressing story.

Chapter 1 - The beginning

Chapter 1 - The beginning
As I looked around me at all the burnt down buildings, the lifeless bodies, the tears flooded from my eyes and down my cheeks to my shirt. I saw the bombs drop and explode and within seconds, I was flown across the road, while the buildings were burning down around me, bodies- more like corpses- scattered around, haunting the street which only a few minutes ago had life, people wandering round and getting along with their lives, Normality. Well, when I say life and normality, I mean a dark gloomy road with hardly any light, the villagers who lived here shuffling around getting from place to place in the shadows. That was normal for us. We were used to this. Our town was an outsider’s town, an outcast’s town. We were the poor people who had hardly any money or food and were barely living. We were the people who were sold off as slaves to the rich or working in factories for very little pay. Few of us had enough money for ourselves and a family and few had the will to live. When I woke up this morning, it was a normal day. Get up, wake Frank, my best friend and my room mate, up and then scuttle around our “house” getting ready to face the outdoors. I used the word “house” very loosely there. I’ll explain why. Our house was plain and simple. It was like living in a cardboard box, just enough room for mine and Frank’s stuff and us. It wasn’t really a house; it was just a square of bricks with a few walls to separate it into rooms and a roof. That was how we lived. This was a village or camp where people who needed to get away from something came. Frank was brought here so he had a chance of life. His parents were ill and were only going to live for a few more days. Frank knew it was coming ever since they got sick months ago. It ran in his family so he knew one day there was a possibility of his parents getting it. They thought it best for frank to leave the house and go to a different village where he could lead a long and happy life. They were mistaken. He was brought here by himself and thrown out of the car, only carrying the necessities. He was a little younger than me so how he was expected to live I don’t know. I was brought here because my family and i had to evacuate due to war. We all came in the same car but my family was split up; I was split apart from my parent and my brother, Mikey. I was only 15 when I was chucked here, with no food or money, and expected to live and get along with life by myself. I was 15, how could anyone expect a 15 year old to be able to live alone in a dingy house with no food or money and no job to get the money he needed to live. So I was thrown in here, all alone, while the rest of my family where put somewhere else. I don’t know why I was separated from them though. Every other family who came here seemed to stay together, but I was unfortunate and ended up being parted.


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