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Chapter 6 - Chapter Six

I had an urge to write something like i did lol enjoy.xx
it's about twins (boy and girl). they went into what they thought was their garden when they were 13.
6 years later, they were still stuck in it.

Chapter 6 - Chapter Six

Chapter 6 - Chapter Six
14/4/2012 02:00

“We mean you no harm,” Alex said smoothly.

The girl tightened her grip on her scythes. They glinted in the moonlight, one in each hand.

“We were just passing by and we realised that in our haste this morning, we left our water bottles,” Alex continued smoothly. “I’m Kevin, and this is my colleague—”

“Jason,” Jason cut in. “I’m Jason, and that is Alex.”

Alex scowled at him and the girl shook her head pitifully at him.

“No way were you ‘just passing by’, buddy,” she hissed. “Your base is down south. This is north.”

Beside him, Jason could feel Alex falter. “We…lost our compass.”

The girl smirked. “Are you so inexperienced that you need a compass? Compasses don’t work here, Alex.”

“What’s your name?” Jason asked her.

“Why do you want to know?”

“We told you ours.”

The girl licked her lips. “Karen,” she said. “And that’s Richard.”


“If you say so.” She held her scythes up. “What do you want?”

“We were just wondering, uh, Karen, whether you by any chance had…the Conjunct Amulet on you,” Jason said after hesitating.

The girl’s eyes widened, then she threw her head back and laughed. “The Conjunct Amulet is a myth, Jason.” She frowned as she said his name.

Jason shook his head. “It’s been proved that it’s real.”

“Oh, really. Proved by whom? By you?”

Jason reddened, and the girl laughed again.

“I suggest you leave now, Jason and Alex. I don’t want to see your faces here ever again. If I see you within three miles of us, I’ll personally tear you limb from limb,” she said, accenting on the last three words and tightening her grip on her scythes as if she was stopping herself from doing so now.

Alex stepped forward and drew his twin swords. “Let’s see what you’ve got, then.”

Amusement toyed with the girl’s mouth, and Jason was momentarily stricken. That smile. It was her smile. Kales’ smile. Whenever she got back at him for pulling a prank on her, that was the smile she had on her face. “Kales?” he croaked suddenly before he could stop himself.

The girl straightened up suddenly. “What?”

He shook his head. “Nothing. I…nothing.”

“Tell me what you said. Now.”

“I said…Kales.”

The girl cocked her head to one side. “Jason. So it is you. I thought you looked familiar. What on earth happened to your hair?”

“What happened to yours?”

“At least mine didn’t look like it got caught in a ketchup explosion.” She held up her scythes again. “Go away, Jason, before I kill you.”

Jason laughed. “Kill me? You? Kales? The Kaley I knew wouldn’t kill an ant.”

Her jaw hardened. “The Kaley you knew isn’t here anymore. She left when she went into the garden on her thirteenth birthday.”

Jason stiffened. This definitely wasn’t the Kaley he knew. He drew his sword. “Is that so? Care to show me the other you, then?”

“Not the other me, Jason,” she said, her black hair gleaming in the moonlight as she clashed the blades of her scythes together. “The only me.” She lunged for him but was suddenly restricted and comically thrown backwards.

It was the boy that was with her. “You know these people?” he asked her.

“I know him.” she spat at Jason’s feet.

“How do you know Jason?” Alex asked her.

Kaley glared at Jason wordlessly, as if daring him to say it. Jason swallowed.

“Kaley’s…my sister.”

“Your sister?” Alex and the boy asked him simultaneously.

“My twin sister, to be exact.”

“You two don’t look alike at all,” Alex said, looking speculatively at Kaley.

“Thank God,” she spat. “Ray, let go of me.”

The boy loosened his grip on her. But only a little.

“Ray, let go of me.”

Ray took no notice this time. “Kales, we should go.”

“No. They should go. After all, we’re not the ones who’re about to step onto the wrong territory.”

Ray smiled thinly at her before looking at Jason and Alex. “Leave before I let her loose.”

Kaley’s ice blue eyes flashed with anger. “A word with you, please?” she hissed before disappearing into their tent.


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