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Kerri2's finally out guys (: sorry it took so long
(for ppl who don't know, this is the sequel to Kerri??)
Hm...this is a bit different from my other stories. It focuses on the other creatures e.g. sylphs, winged unicorns etc. instead of dragons/vampires/werevoles etc.
anyway. just trying it out. tell me what you think. xx
umm yeaa...another story. so enjoy...xx
I had an urge to write something like i did lol enjoy.xx
it's about twins (boy and girl). they went into what they thought was their garden when they were 13.
6 years later, they were still stuck in it.
First, she finds that her guardians arent human. Then she finds that she isnt human. then she finds that the boy she likes/hates isnt human. Then she finds that her biological father wants her for her powers. Then he kidnaps them all.
After getting kidnapped, girl finds herself in world where the supernatural exist and to find that she's not human, but a sorceress
I don't have a title for my story yet
Be harsh on the comments y'all cos i'm thinking of getting this published