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BouncyPudding's Profile

BouncyPudding's Profile
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Username BouncyPudding Gender Female
Date Joined Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Last Updated Occupation low-grade student xD
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Member Info
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Español: Hula! primero quiero poner la info en español xq asi despues me resulta mas facil traducirlo xD Me llamo Sol, tengo 12 cortos años (T.T) y vivo en Argentina(para los q no tienen idea de donde esta, es el pais mas cerca de la antartida xD). Soy morocha de ojos marrones (=.=), cumplo el 16 de febrero (seh! go acuario! xD.
Mis series/cartoons favoritos: Yu-gi-oh!/Gx, los padrinos magicos :P, avatar y antes me gustaban digimon y pokemon(en realidad, todavia juego algunosjuegos en consolas, no en las mias sino en las de un amiga T.T) .
bueno, aca va la translation...
English: Hiya! My name is Sol(Sun in english, but i dont thinks that name exists english xD), i am 12-year-old(T.T)and i live in Argentina(for those who dont know where it is, is a country near the antartic xD). My hair is brown just like my eyes (=.=), my birthday is on the 16 of february(yep! go aquarius!)
my favourite cartoons: Yugioh!/GX, avatar,(im starting to watch)Ah!My Goddess,the fairly odd parents(is thatthe way to spell it?xD),Brandy and Mr. Whiskers,SpongeBoob Squarepants,Ned's Classified School Survival Guide,Drake and Josh and...some time before i liked digimon and pokemon, and still play same games ^.^ i think that´s all, if u wanna chat with me(please dont think becouse i am 12 i am child-like -.-) . see ya!
I luv: drawing (duh! x3), strawberries, fanfics, astrology(chinese, occidental and egyptian :P).
i hate: my hair <.<, insects, girly girls/stuff, hormones :P
Dreams: travel to U.S.A, learn german and italian *snif*,become a book-translator ^.^
note: my ygo and avatar couples:
-Atem/Yami yugi x Els ^.^
-Marik(and/or xD)Bakura x uriko/kuzai^.^
-Saga(my oc character! :3) x yugi :K
-Duke x huh...Serenity xD
-Mai x Joey :P
-kisara x seth
-katara x zuko :P
-aang x meng :K
-sokka x suki ^.^

and i guess thats all wih! xD


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tallestpurple101 on August 18, 2007, 1:25:05 AM

tallestpurple101 on
tallestpurple101HI!nice to meet you I also noticed yo have the same b-day as me!(Sorry if this is WAY to random)

BouncyPudding on August 31, 2007, 8:41:51 AM

BouncyPudding on
BouncyPuddingOMG! i'm also 13! we were born on the same day and yearr!! nope, there isn't still something that weird in this world for me XD coinsidence? oh nope x3
my namee's Sol, Sunny... in english, i think XD i know you can't ask fr someone's friendship, but anywayss , wanna be friendsss? : D

flying_Jone on February 8, 2007, 10:38:22 PM

flying_Jone on
flying_Jonehello there!! someone home?? how are you??

BouncyPudding on February 9, 2007, 12:28:16 AM

BouncyPudding on
BouncyPuddinghi hi =3 me? ok, and a lil frustrated cuz i cant draw in an oekai <.< thnx for asking =D u? whatzzzz uppp? :3

wu25 on January 12, 2007, 9:14:42 PM

wu25 on
wu25hi thnx for adding me to ya faves =P

crazzyman46 on January 11, 2007, 5:48:22 AM

crazzyman46 on
crazzyman46lol your name is so awesome! XD

BouncyPudding on January 12, 2007, 10:29:25 PM

BouncyPudding on
BouncyPuddinghehe thnx crazzyman x3 meh loves pudding! *dances* *makes a party with pudding-lovers* XD
Wu, your stories are AWESOME! ^-^ so funneh! i´ve read chatroom three times xD i like what happens when u get bored x3
ive made some pics, but i think they are too big TT.TT anyway, enjoy my...huh...*thinks* MY USERNAME! XD

wu25 on January 18, 2007, 12:17:16 AM

wu25 on
wu25aww ty lolz =P

AtemuLover on January 1, 2007, 11:43:56 PM

AtemuLover on
AtemuLoverMerry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too^^

AtemuLover on December 14, 2006, 10:19:58 PM

AtemuLover on
AtemuLoverYes of course I wanna be friends^^ I love to make new friends^^

BouncyPudding on January 1, 2007, 9:21:56 PM

BouncyPudding on
BouncyPuddingYAY!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MERRY X-MAS!!!! im so sorry i wasnt here for those days TT.TT i went on vacations, to Pinamar, a place near the atlantic coast. it was great! i could see all the fireworks from the beach :3 my parents bought me a cartouche! WIH! it says "long life" and found and arabic shop where they sold those papyrus, and bought one ^.^
well, back to important things..WIH!!!! two new(and only XD) friends!!*hugs friends* im so happy :3 in the beach, inspiration came to meh! so im going to write a fanfiction, its about a gurl...well, ill explain later xD
lets see...AtemuLover, shall i call you Els,right? ^.^and amelia...Kuzai ^.^ isnt it? :3 you can call me ehm...Pudding? XD nah...i know! the name of my fanfiction character!: Saga ^.^ yeah, maybe stupid name, who cares? xD
hum...what else? ah! Els, i luv that y-go stuff of yours! ITS AWESOME! *.* me wants it! T.T i had an idea for your contest, but it was just too stupid xD im sorry TT.TT
Kuzai, marik and bakura, the two evil guys? o-0 oh...i never liked bad guys, but i like their weird speeches: "foolish mortal!" and things like that xD
i think that all(for now :K) see ya! *hugs new friends*

amelia on December 14, 2006, 9:49:12 AM

amelia on
ameliaKuzai: I wanna say something.....or ask something! o.O WANNA BE FRIENDS!? XD
Marik:That's it! I'm cutting you down on the suger! Miss's "Sure Is Nice Alot"
Marik: >.> Well.....There's.....Uh!? -_-"
Kuzai: I knew it! ^_^

BouncyPudding on January 1, 2007, 11:08:48 PM

BouncyPudding on
BouncyPuddingWa!!! IM SORRY! terrible mistake in naming amelia TT.TT i think the heat is drivin´ me crazy xD you´re ..URIKO! im sorry TT.TT why?? i alwaysmess up with names xD now...hum.. Els, that new story is ...AWEEEESOME! *.*
i made a small sketch of my character, now...paint it =.= i HATE paintings >.< oh well...lets see... i have her profile here...*looks for it in her messy draw book*HERE!
Name: Saga ( i need a surname, help me? xD)
birthday: 16/02
heigh: 1.70 m ^.^
personality: sensitive, supportive(but not as much as tea xD), snetimental...but she loves adventoure too, hehe ^.^

a wrote more words, but i dont have a spanish-english dictionarie here x3 so...*sigh*bye!

BouncyPudding on December 13, 2006, 11:34:58 PM

BouncyPudding on
BouncyPuddingFINALLY! *sigh* i´m able to answer xD some problems with the msn..oh,well.. hehe AtemuLover i love your art *.* i don´t know why, but i like watching them every day ^.^ you two make a pretty good couple ^.^ by the way, wanna be friends? i´m also a BIG yugioh fan *o* i´ll write it now in my profile...*goes to write*

note: i´m sorry if my english needs some fixes xD

AtemuLover on December 13, 2006, 9:41:15 PM

AtemuLover on
AtemuLoverHi thnx for adding me to your faves^^

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