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Umm... Hi. I know. I'm sorry. Your requests will be done soon. I mean it. Most of them are done or almost done. Anyways,I don't actually have anything else to say.....

Alright guys, I have revised my request policy. I'm going to take two requests per month. However, I will no longer take "can u draw my character(insert chracter name here)" type requests. I need more information. I always just end up drawing characters floating around in a white background. I want to be given a SCENE to draw. It can be a wallpaper or story cover or poster kind of thing, too. I just am tired of what I've been doing for pretty much the past 2 years I've been on this website. This is what I need to know before I can do you a picture:1. What character(s) are going to be in it? 2. Where is it taking place? 3. What is/are the character(s) doing in the scene? I would like you to have all this figured out BEFORE you come and ask me. Thank you all very much^.^

Okay, guys. This is important. I'M NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS. It's not because I don't like doing requests, it's just that I'm always so busy doing them that I can't actually draw things that I want to draw. I'm going to finish all requests and trades I have now, but after that, no more. I may take a request for a special circumstance, and I may do an occaional art trade, but that won't happen very often.One good thing about this is that I will be posting a lot more pictures.Thanks for understanding.

Holy Crap! Today is my birthday! WOO! I'm 13! Officially a teenager. Yay?

Lo! I'm taking requests again. And my brother(A.k.a Spuzz_the_Mental)turns 15 today.Yay!

Update~1/17/07 I am not taking anymore requests as of today. I have eight to finish. When I'm down to two, I'll start taking them again. I'll probably be on more often now, though.

Totally sorry, guys. You probably all thought I left or something. Well, I just kind of took a break. I've been busy with school and we upgraded our computer and it's just been hard to put stuff up. I know I've got like a million requests to fill. Sorry to keep you all waiting. Hopefully you wan't have to wait to long for them. Love ya!

I stared jr. high school on the 5th, so I have I lot less time to do pictures and stuff. just bear with me

Okay... How do I start? Umm.. Well, I'm 13 years old. I have shoulder length, blonde-brown, curly hair and green/blue/brown/grey/gold eyes. Not very decisive. I like the following: Drawing anime, Sonic the Hedgehog stuff, singing, food(who doesn't?)
I dislike the following: homework,flamers,SonicX,HILARY DUFF
Okay my top 5 favorite Sonic characters in order: Knuckles, Rouge, Sonic, Tails, Amy

My favorite Sonic couples are:
Knuckles&Rouge - I don't know many people who like this couple, which doesn't make sense to me because SEGA CAME UP WITH IT.

Sonic&Indigo{my character}- This will make a lot more sense when I finally write my freaking story

Btw, I have a lot more couples I support, but they only involve fancharacters, so I'm not bothering with them.

My least favorite are:

Sonic&Shadow-creepy AND dumb.I hate all yaoi/yuri stuff.

Knuckles&Shadow- *shudder, cringe* For some reasons, this
is even creepier that Sonic ahd Shadow*dies*

Sonic&Rouge- Who came up whith this one? It's just weird. In a bad way.

Tails&Amy-Three words.WHAT. THE. HECK.

Tails&Cosmo-First of all, he's 8.Second of all,HE CANNOT HAVE A FREAKY ALIEN/PLANT THING FOR A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!

Couples I don't support but don't have any problem with:
Sonic&Amy- cute, but not my favorite

Shadow&Rouge- I could see this working, but I feel they have more of a brother/sister thing.

So..Requests...Well, I almost always do G or PG rated pictures,maybe PG-13,kinda depends. Here is a list of things:
Things I will draw: any Sonic fan character or regular character,anime people,animals
Things I might draw: heavy violence, romantic pictures
Things I won't draw: any yaoi/yuri,anything over PG-13

More about requests, I have decided to only take 5 at a time. This is mostly because last time I ended up with like 12 requests^.^So....Here's what I'm doing now.....

1.Fear and Unknown for Sutaru(100% done)
2.Indigo and Tailia for SonicDX1995(100% done)

3.Page for Buddah_Cat(100% done)
4.Rachel for RachelTheFox(80% done)
5.Kira and Jordan for sonicbabe5(100% done)
I took everything off the list because it's done and wil be up as soon as I can get it up.This is my last set of requests and trades until I get out of school, so if you want one claim a spot fast.

Um..Art trades..I'll do one or two at a time depending on how many requests I currently have to do. Right now: two
1. Stryker the numbat for SonicWind(20%)
2. Kleopatra for kleopatra(85% done)

current mood: normal
Indigo: Um, that's not really a mood.
Me: Shut up....

Well.. thats about it.......

I DECLARE GOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(inside joke)


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SonicDX1995 on June 6, 2007, 9:40:05 AM

SonicDX1995 on
SonicDX1995do you know Hitler


SonicDX1995 on June 6, 2007, 9:37:51 AM

SonicDX1995 on
SonicDX1995wwweeeee oh what do you think of my profile pic ^W^

SonicDX1995 on June 6, 2007, 9:25:57 AM

SonicDX1995 on
SonicDX1995hi hows the rq ^W^

xBloodySundae on June 3, 2007, 10:32:21 AM

xBloodySundae on
xBloodySundaechah, I was looking at pictures with that type of coloring so I left a comment on the Artist's page asking her what program she used, maybe I could also ask her if it wouldbe too much trouble to make up a quick guide telling how to color it. Dunno, we'll just have to see. *shrugs*

xBloodySundae on June 3, 2007, 9:24:37 AM

xBloodySundae on
xBloodySundaeLmao, yes'am! xD I'll try, I've got like a million and one pictures I could put up, I'm just so frustrated with paintshop pro 7 O.o I can't figure out how to put color in my pictures and have them look good. Like the few you have that you colored with paint shop pro. >.< Teach me! =[

xBloodySundae on June 3, 2007, 7:49:42 AM

xBloodySundae on
xBloodySundaeHiya Hailley! xD Guess who! Omfg! It's PAGE. Wow =] I missed you! Anya says Katy shaved her eyebrows and went to a new school! O.o Neh, I should call her... or something. You know, we should all have an end of the year bash at my dad's house (tis big) to celebrate survival of our first year of junior high ^^ I'm so glad we all made it! Next week is focus week at my school, and I'm a TA at Norman Rockwell for the little pre-k kids, so if you stop by after school we can chat, if you like. =]]

SonicWind on May 28, 2007, 10:31:38 AM

SonicWind on
SonicWindThe Blizzard is done. XD yaaay whoo go lazy background that got filtered to heck

Sutaru on May 28, 2007, 3:27:47 AM

Sutaru on
SutaruHiya!! ^^

happy late birth day!!!

SonicWind on May 22, 2007, 7:11:59 AM

SonicWind on
SonicWind...There is no option for me to do that. D: It just tells me I need to log in. :/

RachelTheFox on May 21, 2007, 7:53:07 AM

RachelTheFox on
RachelTheFoxhiya how are you? urm can you do a request for me please pwetty please? can you draw Rachel The fox? heres a picture of her :)



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