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LilMizDevil666's Profile
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to: those who are reading this

#1 most favorite character= NARAKU!

What can i say? I just love the whole evil thing!
Naraku's the best!
I don't care wut u ppl think...
or wut u ppl say...

Banana phone ((- MY FIRST Fanfic!
Yay! I have no idea why i wrote this fanfic, but hay, i love that damn annoying song. trust me it'll get on your nerves once you hear it several times. Tell me what'd ya think and maybe, there might be a banana phone 2. TO HEAR THE ACTUAL SONG GO TO and scroll down and look for BANANA PHONE

Well there's nothing much that i want to say about myself...
i LOOOOOVE anime...
i tend to fav the villans more than the heros...
i LOOOOOVE to draw anime characters...however since most of my drawings are too big or the program can't be loaded here, i cannot post any of them.........
and etc...(i'm feeling lazy so i'm not going into detail)

My fav pairings...
not that i really care wut u ppl think but u go a very long list...

Naraku & Kagome (I don't know y, but there r very few of these. i love fics with these two bcuz this pairing is one of the most difficult pairings to make and well there r VERY few out there that r really good)
Naraku & Sesshomaru (THEY ARE HOT TOGETHER)
Naraku & Kagura (Some are really good...)
Naraku & Sango (One of the MOST rare pairings that involve...female X naraku..)
Kurama & Kurasu(Some r really good)
Kurama & Kuronue (Maybe...)
Kurama & Hiei (Not a real FAV, but the ones that have a lot of angst or action are nice)
Kurama & Yusuke (Some are good)
Kurama & Boton (Sometimes)
Bakura & Ryou (I just think they make a good couple)
Bakura & Malik (Also a good couple)
Bakura & Marik (Also a good couple)
Ashram & Pirotess (My fav anime TRUE couple)
Tokiya & Fuuko (Water & wind...not a bad combo...)
Kaoru & Shinji (Well there were hints in the series an all...)
Kaoru & Rei (I hav no idea y, but yeah i like the couple)
Kaoru & Asuka (Same reason as above)
Nakago & Soi (...)
Nakago & Tomo (Very odd, but a way...)
Akabane & Himiko (Lady Poison and Dr.
Athrun & Cagalli (A very cute couple)
Sora & Mimiru ( the'World''s better than outside the 'World')
Count D & Leon (D just looks so much like a girl that i sometimes forget...)
Dee & Ryo (2 gay LA classical...)
Chihiro & Haku (Also a very cute couple)
Fai & Kurogane (Complete opposites and ya kno wut they say...opposites attract)
Duzell & Ishtar (I just LOOOVE Duzell's animal form...and they were just meant ta be)
Miyu & Larva (An odd pair, but acceptable...)
Ryuhou & Mimori (Well he used to lik her...)
Ryuhou & Sheris (In thegraphic novel,their relationshipwas muchbetter..iono y ppl don't like sheris..she seems okay to me)
Jin & Fuu (Not a bad couple...)
Jin & Mugan (Also not a bad couple...)
Yue & Touya (Touching...)
Yue & Sakura (Same as the above)
Shishio & Yumi (So devoted to the brink to death...literally)
Shishio & Kamatari (Scary...a male crossdresser that REALLY looks like a woman)
Amon & Robin (I think they fit as a couple)
Nataku & Fuma (I just adore/pity nataku)
Howl & Sophie (Also touching...)
George De Sand & Maria ( comment)
George De Sand& Rain (also no comment)
Marron Glaces & Carrot Glaces (Brotherly love...)
Marron Glaces & Tira (...don't know y...)

And i'm sure that there is more to come...

I'm not sure if you (reader) know all the shows that these characters belong to...
But for those who do...good for you...

Now for some music...
Bands/Artists that i enjoy or kind of like:Random order
Green day-----Avril Lavigne-----Evanescence------Linkin Park-----Michelle Branch-----Boa-----Breaking Benjaman-----Usher-- Natalie-----3 doors down-----Mariah Carey-----Destiny's Child-----Gwen Stefani-----Ciara-----Gorillaz-----The black eyed peas--Eminem-----DTH-----Simple Plan-----Frankie J-----50 cent-----Weezer-----Kelly Clarkson------Mario Winans-----P.O.D--Christina Aguilera-----Remedy-----Switchfoot-----Finger Eleven-----Vanessa Carlton-----Metallica-----Alicia keys-----Ashanti-- Dance Dance Revolution songs-----Ludacris-----Jo-Jo-----The White Stripes-----Hoobastank-----

Movies...That I have watched not including anime ones...and the cartoon ones like beauty and the beast..
Also random order...
Charlie and the chocolate factory----Pirates of the Caribbean----xXx: State of Union----Legally Blond----Miss Congeniality----SpiderMan----Spiderman2----Bruce Almighty----Harry Potter and the sorcerer stone----Ice Age---Seabiscut----Faculty----Matrix--
Jeeper Creepers----Liar Liar----10 things i hate about you---American Pie----all of the Scary Movies'----Identity----Bourne Identity- Charlie's Angels----Day after tomorrow----Edward Scissorhands----Final Destination----Osmosis Jones----National Treasure----Napoleon Dynamite----Monsters Inc.----Men in black----Master and Commander----The Pianist----Lethal Weapon----Last Samuri-all of the Jurassic Parks'----Indiana Jones----Honey i shrunk the kids----Gone in 60 seconds----Planet of the Apes----Zenon-----
all of the Rush Hours'---Ring/Ringu---Shanghai Noon----Sound of music----Sweet home Alabama----Swordfish----Lucky number 7-all of the Terminators'----all of the Toy Storys'----West side story----X-men: the movie----Wild Wild West----Wizard of Oz----Dodgeball----The good girl----Ms. Doubtfire----The perfect Storm----Jaws----Independence Day----The Island----Fantastic 4----Never been kissed----


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