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Saiyuki_Sefirah_O_O's Profile

Saiyuki_Sefirah_O_O's Profile
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Username Saiyuki_Sefirah_O_O Gender Female
Date Joined Location underground with my yaoi collection & my best friend
Last Updated Occupation muahaha i wont tell you
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Saiyuki_Sefirah_O_O on June 22, 2004, 2:49:09 AM

Saiyuki_Sefirah_O_O on
Saiyuki_Sefirah_O_Oer wow.....that was a nice and sephy related rant..^_^;

cptShort on June 19, 2004, 4:55:17 AM

cptShort on
cptShort^_^;;;; hello.

cptShort on June 19, 2004, 4:54:45 AM

cptShort on
cptShortYou already told us your location. It's underground. With yaoi. And that MUST mean that you're with Cloud, which in turn means with sephy, cause you never see one without the other, cause Cloud wants revenge on Sephy, but Sephy always sets him up, which means he knows about Cloud and what he's doing, and yet he doesn't try to kill him fully because then the game wouldn't be as interesting, even though it would be more interesting if he DID try to kill Cloud, because not doing so is just like all the other RPGs, as is mocked in RPG World, which is a great comic strip for being online, And did you notice that Cloud, Zidane, and Squall make a guest appearance, waiting in line for the big sword? But over-all, as far as online comics go, 8-bit theatre is muuch better, and Cloud makes a guest appearance in that, too, and the main character is obsessed with swords just like the main character in RPG World, and I guess Cloud would be obsessed with swords too, if he had a personality, which he really doesn't, and he's not very smart either, cause he shouln't like Aeris, because she's SO pushy, it's annoying, I hate her, but Tifa's nice, he should go with her, espesially since Aeris died, go Sephy! But Cloud got mad I guess, and unfortunatly he attacks Sephy alot, but like I said, Sephy seems to know when and how they're going to attack, maybe he's phychic or something, that would explain the whole 'puppet' thing. But that makes you wonder, can telekanieses (or however you spell that, I can't spell very well, I have to use spell-check on all my stories, and I can't do it if I just type them out here, cause this doesn't have a spell-check that I've found, so I have to do everything on my computer's writing program, but I can't make it look spiffy with BOLD or anything, cause for some annoying reason it doesn't carry over.) really move things? I mean, it's just your mind, it can't actually do anything phisical, unless you can do something like take over the other person's mind and use it to tell their body what to do, which I guess if Sephy can do phychic stuff he should be able to do. *deep breath* After all, Sephy was flying, and then he mutated his body, which shouldn't be posible, because you can't make yourself do things other than what your muscles allow you to do, it's inhuman, but then again, Sephy's got even more Jenova cells in him than Cloud does, and Cloud's got enough to make his eyes turn green, although I'm not sure how much that would take, I'm not an alien expert, which is what Jenova is, which is probably why Sephy can do all those unatural things. But he didn't WANT to do them I think, cause it was his 'mother' who told him to, even though she's not his real mother, but then, ANYONE could be his mother if he doesn't thinkit needs to be his birth mother, even ME, it probably wouldn't matter if I'm to young, cause he doesn't seem to care, and if he does what his mother wants, and he could mutate himself, then I would tell him to change into a little plushy Sephy, cause he would be squishable, huggable, and not killing people, although I might not want that, because he wouldn't have a brain, just fluff, so he could never change back, even if he wanted to and I told him to, so I guess him being a plushy wouldn't be so great, but it sure makes a good song! *singing* lil plushy Sephy, lil plushy Sephy .. *stops* I guess he should just MAKE a plushy of himself, instead of turning into one, but he would only do it if I were his mother, otherwise he would just kill me, but I don't think I would want to be his mother, cause there would be to much danger with all the people trying to kill me, and to much worry with al the people trying to kill him, and to much responsibility with all that he would expect from me, and I'm too young to waste my life on him. Besides, he isn't real, just a video game character. I guess I'll just have to find some other way to get my plushy Sephy. Oh well.

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