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kagome  has a secret that she doesn't want anyone to know but when some people from her past threaten to revel it she decides to tell inuyasha and co herself. i know i suck at summaries. this is my first story on here i was writing this on qoutev but my phone got cut off and my gmail was deleted so now here i am. i kinda like kikyo so please be nice.  
The characters for my stories where Kaguras past is not what everyone thinks it is all the information needed for these high sea adventures is in this so read carefully if thy dares to
summary inside as its to long to fit here
this consists of my characters which later will unite with the characters of the real inuyasha but for now its just how my characters grow up
the great dog god. an demon from the heavens. enjoy the story
yes i know my oc has the same name as my naruto one...get over it but anyways
inuyasha and the group stumble across a wolf hanyou,find out wat happenes by reading
sesshomaru finds a slumbering girl looking to be about the age of 13. short black hair, glasses, and in pajamas??
=^-^=KK,i no this is already a story.but,i got permission from the author,Symphoniaprincess101......soo...hopefully i get an actuall chapter in this time.fingers crossed♥=^-^=
So I won't have to keep all this crap on my pro. >:D If anyone wants to join, you're welcome to, and this also makes it easier for the writers of the groups' story.
Rin asks a simple question.  The result when Kasumi and Aikuchi are involved is something that can only happen when the minds of usagi12 and kasumi1001 are put together!
The InuYasha gang is attacked by a young (and quite weak) demon who is tangled up in a new unfurling plot.
Okay. This is Amber the wolf Hanyo's life. Dont kill me if the whole thing sounds weird. I've only read one book.

Disclaimer: I DONT OWN INUYASHA!!!!
its about two friends one half demon and one human. Last Kiraras kitten is taking care of the burden and reviling her past. What will happen why is the burden being treated like a queen and what will happen when she figures out the truth. Find out
Sorry about the first upload people- I messed up (not that that'd be the fist time XD).
So, anyhow, HERE'S THE ACTUAL STORY! Some of my made-up characters travel through the well, and land in middle age Japan! Best thing yet...they meet Inu and co. Read to find out what'll happen. Please!
Fate deals a cruel hand to the Dragon Demon Halfbreeds, when a Leader rules with an Fist and Claws. One Family escapes the pointless slaughtering. But the peace is short lived, Raising to meet the odds and beat them their Daughter steps forward to stop it
When Yori became Entei's new owner, she brought Hakudoushi back to life. But, Hakudoushi wanted Entei all for himself. So he erases everybody(except himself and Entei's)'s minds. Now, Yori awakens, not knowing who or what she is. This time, she's on the g
The story of how my role play character had went from a half demon priestess to that of a dog demon goddess of light and darkness
Her discription
Something wierd is happening.Kagome is thinking about telling InuYasha how she feels, Sesshomaru is coming along saying something about sisters, which InuYasha finds out he has two sisters, Koga comes to tell Kagome that they're 'not meant to be', an
When a mysterious man appears in Takahoma village, he causes mayhem. He seems to know everyone's desires and is incredibly powerful. It will take all Arth has to stop him from destroying Takahoma.
every one plays hide and seek
self explanatory.characters from a story im writing.
this story goes with the picture "time to kill"
read and find out what its about im not telling you
While traviling to find Naraku, Kagome senses a jewel shard and the gang investigates, uknown to them that a group of traveling demon slayers has a "little" surprise for them.