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This is a one-shot insert into the anime about how Yoko gets chased into the Ningenkai.
Come journey inside the mind of Kurama to learn the secret behind his weapon of choice, the Rose Whip. Told in a rather...unique perspective for an interview.
just a poem about kurama and kuronue i made and i put it up on my account so i put it here,too
Its a story about Kurama getting a strange phone call and then other sorts of mishaps happen etc. etc. read plz
This is a poem from a roleplay I was in -awhile- ago. The Hiei and Kurama came up with this poem helping a girl from Kurama's school with her homework. I guess I put it under YYH category.
I went to the pychiatrist! ....
a short poem about Youko Kurama.
This one is about how Kurama would act if he wanted a girl to notice him.
Have you ever woundered what Kurama the goodie goodie would be like evil? If you ever did then read this will very surprised....