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Auggie likes Hiei. He's more worried about an ingrown toenail.

Submitted for the Random Valentine on DeviantArt for user TBRae and her OC.
Based on the children's story 'If you give a mouse a cookie.' Replace 'mouse' with 'hiei' and 'cookie' with 'sweet snow'. Heheheh.

"If you give a hiei sweet snow, he will ask you for a spoon..."
This is an old story of mine.It's not a good as my previous creations,but it's still funny.I included some of my friends and enemies.+_+
A YYH+Beyblade YAOI fanfic about Hiei and Kai.
It's a fanfic of my Yuu Yuu Hakusho fancharacter Shana Dakari Yumato, and Hiei Jaganashi. Please comment...(I know Hiei is OC...^^; )
Summary: You decided to take a trip to Demon World to climb their highest mountain. As you headed up the mountain your cure members died one by one from the harsh blizzard. You were the last survivor. You were rescued by a strange group who fights ag
Hiei gets roped into answering phones at a teen helpline one night... hilarity ensues.
The story of how Hiei and Shiei (orignal character) meet and fall in love. Also the story of how Shiei orginally an enemy of the gang now fights along side them!
This is how you will act if you are in love with Hiei!
{One-shot songfic to Clay Aiken's "This is the Night"} What if Hiei had been the one to rescue Yukina? Would this be the night for him? {Brother-sister fic}{PG. Angst/Spiritual.}
very funny please read
Hiei just wants to rest, and this illegal Chinese immigrant just wants to sell him a green hotdog. Sounds delicious, no?
think of tony the tiger mix's with yu yu hakusho (VERY DUMB)
Well, I had fun on a parody of Hiei, so. . . here's a serious Hiei fic! FICAGE! Anyway, it's very. . . strange o.O There are slight suicide references, so BE WARNED!
Ever wounder how Hiei would act if he truely fell in love with a girl!?
i am depressed
NOTE: I had to tamper with some power levels and time periods to keep characters in tune with each other.
Have'nt you ever wondered how to catch Hiei? We'll this is for all of the fans of Hiei and it is funny and you will have to read to find out!!!!