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Merrilee Hansen never really believed in magic until her life was saved by the royal guardians of none other then Pharaoh Atem. With no known way of getting back home she often wonders if she ever will, or if she even wants to. Mahad/OC; slight Atem/OC
These are my newest characters, Ever since ive got back into the game
It about three of my oc from Yu-Gi-Oh, GX, and 5D''''s.
yeah this is just info on my oc''s. mostly yugioh.
the story of crystal as an angel before she goes to earth and how a war between angels and demond began!
lil bit about kiruri
This is my first contest entry for NekoChika's contest. Hope you like it Chika-chan! It's KibouShipping!
This is a story I promised Cat-chan, Moon_Princess, back in October. If she wants to, she can consider it a contest fic, but it doesn't matter to me. This takes place at the end of Eternal Snow, sort of. Read and enjoy!
This is the story of the anthro canine versions of young Seto and Mokuba, from the point of view of Seto's anthro Doberman guard, Hiroto, and Mokuba's anthro Border Collie guard, Sakura. My anthro canine version of Noa is in this, too.
A series of one shots on my two OCs Ryoko and Kurenai. Some canon characters may appear from time ti time too :D
Sam, a 13 year old orphan lives in Domino. But Sam isn't happy. She never knew who her parents were, she didn't even know their names. Now, with the help of her new friends, Yugi and co. and her favorite card, she can find out the truth of her family.
Okay so my first try at how Kiara and Yami met was just plain crap so I'm rewriting the story. And it might not STAY this title. CHAPTERS 1 AND 3 UPDATED.
When Khepher is missing during a battle of Seth's kingdom and another he searches for her in the after math during the rain....
Information about my Yu-Gi-Oh! OC's and maybe later on pictures will be added.
Keshet is tired of the royal life and runs away on a ship to Ireland. There she meets Yuval , a farmer boy and when they meet , their tow worlds collide and will never be the same.
Meru-chan and Kiyoko-chan are nervous for the school dance. Will they be asked by the ones they love or will the be rejected and have a scar that will mark them forever?
This story pretty much tells about all my characters that will be featured in my story, "Julia Flores" and future stories
in the end i got lazy and didn't write all the thing
some other day I'll write the Bios about my GX OC
This story is about my OC Masako.
Before she moved she lived in a small village.
come in if you want to know about her ^^
Another part, ^^ i hope you still like it,Message me
Yay! another part ^^
hello hello another part..enjoy
hiya next part is here i know its pretty short though..
^^i hope you like this its my first fanficcy