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Sonic gets an injection of a deadly liquid, which evolved into a virus that practically turned you evil. Then, Alyssa is forced to kill him, but is wounded and catches the virus as well. It''s a deadly cycle, How will it end, if ever?
A story here that was never finished and I wanted to continue it. It''''s a SonAmy story, the cutest couple in the Sonic world.
I'm working on one story at a time except Big because I loath him oh, so much.
This is a poem about WereSonic...^_^
About Sonic and Amy.
Eye for an Eye, tooth for a tooth, Life for a soul, love conquers all. But can a loved one's life be revived? Can someone actually come back from the realm of the dead?

After an Adventure gone wrong, Sonic hopes so.
This is a shortish poem i wrote about Sonic and what he does! :) i hope you likey!
dont read this
Sonic's scared of having to "Share" Manic's fatherly love.
Sonic and his friends rent a movie that's is cursed and one by one
Just Dragon ball Z mixed whith sonic chars.You can ask me to add a char if you
You've seen Kuro, you've read about Kuro, and now the mystic old warrior makes his appearance!
Aaron tries to impress Liza by ordering a fancy drink at a restaraunt...that he's allergic to!
Join the two new characters Aaron the Hedgehog and Ace the Hawk as they try to rescue Sonic by travelling through video games one at a time from the earliest Genesis games to the new Gamecube games.
I know I am!!!
A cute one-shot Sonamy fic to enjoy!!!
What if Shadow'd find a baby fox,will he keep him.And what's gonig betwine him and his best friend...Read to find out!!!