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A short poem about Shadow, who he is and what he does. if you like this then maybe you should check out my other poem I Am Sonic.
Yes I know it sucks just don't flame me to hard.
WHO SHOVED THE 'thing' DOWN SHADOW'S THROAT? WHAT IS THE 'thing'? WHO IS THE SHOVER??? This is like a mystery/comedy story! Theres like clues on each chapter, some are easy to spot and some are hard!!! HAPPY CRIME SOLVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just some creepy morbid poem I came up with about shadow that really fits my personality. PLEEZ REPLY! PLEEZ!!!
There is a new game comming called Shadow the Hedgehog. This is the begining. The game comes out November 15!
After Maria's death, Shadow tries to live life, with his new friends, without her.
Its not a story but something what Shadow would say..
Shadow the Hedgehog and his friends... TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! MUA HA HA HA!!
Shadow goes 1 on 1 with Doctor Eggman