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Xiaolin Comedy!




Chapter 1 - BEGINNING!
Submitted: February 2, 2007 • Updated: February 2, 2007
Word count: 464 • Size: 2k • Comments: 8 • views: 239

Chapter 2 - Dare or Die
Submitted: February 3, 2007 • Updated: February 14, 2007
Word count: 1311 • Size: 6k • Comments: 6 • views: 312

Chapter 3 - Xiaolin Karaoke!
Submitted: February 17, 2007 • Updated: February 18, 2007
Word count: 2602 • Size: 12k • Comments: 3 • views: 346

Chapter 4 - Interveiws-Omi
Submitted: March 2, 2007 • Updated: March 2, 2007
Word count: 502 • Size: 2k • Comments: 4 • views: 249

Chapter 5 - interveiws-Clay
Submitted: April 9, 2007 • Updated: April 9, 2007
Word count: 570 • Size: 3k • Comments: 1 • views: 234

Chapter 6 - Notice 1
Submitted: May 14, 2007 • Updated: May 14, 2007
Word count: 186 • Size: <1k • Comments: 3 • views: 211

Chapter 7 - interveiws-Raimundo
Submitted: June 27, 2007 • Updated: June 29, 2007
Word count: 834 • Size: 4k • Comments: 8 • views: 348

Chapter 8 - Interveiws-Kimiko
Submitted: July 16, 2007 • Updated: July 16, 2007
Word count: 432 • Size: 2k • Comments: 2 • views: 199

Chapter 9 - Interveiws-Jack Spicer
Submitted: July 27, 2007 • Updated: July 27, 2007
Word count: 732 • Size: 4k • Comments: 4 • views: 305

Chapter 10 - The early?!
Submitted: October 11, 2007 • Updated: October 26, 2007
Word count: 165 • Size: <1k • Comments: 3 • views: 186


Comments (79)

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aeris7dragon on October 14, 2007, 6:26:49 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: 10)

i wanted to be in teh story again. oh well, will u write another comedy? and can i be in it if u do?

DrakeGirlandLuna on October 26, 2007, 7:43:47 AM

DrakeGirlandLuna on (Chapter: 10)
DrakeGirlandLunaMaybe...IDK if I will though...

aeris7dragon on October 27, 2007, 5:33:50 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: 10)

HeiesgirlSable on September 18, 2007, 10:37:23 AM

HeiesgirlSable on (Chapter: index)
HeiesgirlSableLexi: I have a question for Chase Too! what would you say if I drew a picture of you in little PJ's that have dragons on them? (I already have one!)

HeiesgirlSable on August 5, 2007, 1:49:42 PM

HeiesgirlSable on (Chapter: 9)
HeiesgirlSableSable: Finally my questions *looks at lexi* Why are you stilll here?
Lexi: Your moral support ^-^
Sable:.................. ok then, Chase, would you consider me being in the heylin? I was gonna leave the Akatsuki. Hunting demons is getting dull.
Leader-sama: WAIT YOU CAN'T LEAVE!
Lexi: HIIIIII LEADER-SAMA!! *waves* O.O HEY! Good!Jack needs to answer questions too!!!
Sable: *silence* Ok I'm outta here.

aeris7dragon on July 31, 2007, 9:53:29 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: index)
aeris7dragonNUTHER questie 4 chase!!!!! Are you affiliated with Sephiroth? Or are you affiliated with Anansi? (and he could sing Dude Looks Like a Lady or whatever that songs called)

AleeVonSpookee on July 28, 2007, 10:00:40 AM

AleeVonSpookee on (Chapter: 9)
AleeVonSpookeeawwww, oh well, he's da mostest popular to me! well,I bet he was until CHASE came *growls*Chase: um....scary. I LOVE YOU JACK! Jack: um ...would that be a complement? no!
really really?! You askin me to be part of dis!? AWESOMENESS! heck yah! sweeeeeeet, sorry, I'm hyper. Jack: aren't you always? SHUT YOUR NOISE TUBE! okie, while I'm here, I'll ask some stuff for a Chase-man....who stole mah Jackie's glory! Gaara: Jack had glory?
QUIET! I'm trying to be hyper and annoying! (Gaara: you don't have to try)
okie, Chase, what's you're deal? you turned evil cause a talking BEAN told you to...a talking bean....What the crap!? I mean, yeah, Hannible's creepy and stuff, but he's a freakin bean!! I scoff at your...having a worse reason to be evil than Jack, here I go, SCOFF! SCOFF SCOFF!!! SCOOOOOFF!
and lesse, Chase...I'm seeing a lack of evil potentual in you, I mean, just kill Rai Kim and Clay and FORCE omi to be evil, like, brainwash 'em all Darth Sidious like! You dissapiont me, maybe this "evil" thing isn't for you, perhaps try interperative dance (imagines Chase) Um, ooooor just go ahead and be evil, man, but I expect better slaugher from you!!! And stop talking to beans!
Gaara/ that was always (Me: sorry DrakeGirlandLuna!   ^ ^;)

aeris7dragon on July 28, 2007, 10:48:15 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: 9)
aeris7dragonA KINDRED SPIRIT!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! hypee too. (Vincent: well duh. Me: Shut up, Vinny-kins! *slaps him* Vincent: Don't EVER call me Vinny-kins. Me:...uh-oh *runs*)

aeris7dragon on July 27, 2007, 11:51:40 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: 9)
aeris7dragonFUNNIEST ONE EVER!!!!! I bet Ana and Grandma are wondering what I'm screaming my head off about, and I can't tell them because Grandma doesn't like magic and Ana hates XS. (screw her!) Ask Chase how he can become reptilian, and if I can be a kitty! (And I'll come back with Vinny-bot, mee hee!!)
I've GOT to show this to Mekare...

aeris7dragon on July 27, 2007, 10:54:56 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: index)
aeris7dragonHey I have another question for Jack: What's your favorite food? (I noticed your chapters were getting kinda short so I'm trying to think of a lot of questions o.o) Also, when's Wuya due? (mee hee)

DrakeGirlandLuna on July 27, 2007, 11:10:06 AM

DrakeGirlandLuna on (Chapter: index)
DrakeGirlandLunaWuya is after Dojo, who is after Chase. So she'll be here in a few chapters.

aeris7dragon on July 27, 2007, 11:12:12 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: index), I meant...due. You know, she lives with tons of different guys, and, erm...*changes the subject* so when you adding a new chapter?

DrakeGirlandLuna on July 27, 2007, 11:17:19 AM

DrakeGirlandLuna on (Chapter: index)
DrakeGirlandLuna0.o okaaaaayyy... I'm finishing it up right now so in a few minutes probably

aeris7dragon on July 27, 2007, 11:21:31 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: index)
aeris7dragonYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! ...sorry for interrupting you, mee hee

DrakeGirlandLuna on July 27, 2007, 11:23:47 AM

DrakeGirlandLuna on (Chapter: index)
DrakeGirlandLunait okay ^_^

aeris7dragon on July 27, 2007, 10:32:36 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: 7)
aeris7dragonFINAL FANTASY!!!!!! an RPG (if you've never heard Chocobo Robo Voice its a movie on

aeris7dragon on July 27, 2007, 10:57:59 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: 7)
aeris7dragonFinal Fantasy is an RPG,
The only one that I need
It's the RPG for me

Final Fantasy is all that I play
All other games are lame,
It puts them all to shame...

(hey DrakeGirlandLuna if you want them to sing this I'll give you the rest of the lyrics! :3)

DrakeGirlandLuna on July 27, 2007, 11:05:56 AM

DrakeGirlandLuna on (Chapter: index)
DrakeGirlandLunaThat'll be funny! :D

aeris7dragon on July 27, 2007, 11:20:26 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: index)
aeris7dragonOkay, here're the lyrics:

Final Fantasy is an RPG,
The only one that I need
It's the RPG for me,
Final Fantasy is all that I play,
All other games are lame,
It puts them all to shame,

I only play games that are popular,
I only buy the games the magazines tell me to buy,
That way I know I get good games for sure,
I may have a shallow mind, but you can kiss my behind

Final Fantasy, it consumes my life,
And that is prob'ly why
I'll never have a wife,
Final Fantasy has awesome music,
And that's prob'ly why it
Always gets remixed,

I always buy the soundtrack to each game,
Oh, it is the only thing that I will listen too,
Oh, sure one day it may drive me insane,
You may think that I'm a fool, well I'm here to say "Screw you!!"

Final Fantasy on Playstation 2,
With music by Nobou
And graphics by Won Chu,
It is Final Fantasy number 10,
Must save the world again,
Right here from my own den,

Hopefully I'll get through the game just fine,
I don't know why I continue to play each game,
They'll be making these till the end of time,
I guess that I will pay for these new games till Doomsday...

~end of crazy song~

DrakeGirlandLuna on July 27, 2007, 11:24:39 AM

DrakeGirlandLuna on (Chapter: index)
DrakeGirlandLunaOkay thanks! They'll break into song on Dojo's chapter!

aeris7dragon on July 31, 2007, 9:51:14 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: index)
aeris7dragonfave song-well, almost. i really like trapped at the drive thru by wierd al yankovic!

aeris7dragon on July 27, 2007, 11:26:02 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: index)
aeris7dragonYAYAYAYAYAY!! happy!

HeiesgirlSable on July 22, 2007, 8:24:23 AM

HeiesgirlSable on (Chapter: index)
HeiesgirlSableLexi: Me and Sable are to intirerly different people, almost yen and yang.
Sable: Guess who's what?
Lexi: JACK MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! Gotta love the funny bad guy, Can I see the blueprints to your robots? I COULD HELP WIT THEM!!
Sable: Jack is higher than Kimiko on my favorite character list. 2nd Worst on the heylin side though. Hannibal bean doesn't strike me as, evil, Just plain demented.

aeris7dragon on July 27, 2007, 10:44:10 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: index)
aeris7dragonJack: No one's touching my Jackbot blueprints!!!!
Me: *just stole some*

aeris7dragon on July 27, 2007, 10:38:12 AM

aeris7dragon on (Chapter: 8)
aeris7dragonI have one for him too! ...erm, how do you manage to wear makeup and STILL look remotely male? And another: Hey you should go have a talk with Loz from FF7:AC; he cries as much as you do. You can have a cry-fest! (sorry that was more of a comment.) And still another: can you make me a Jackbot that looks exactly like Vincent? erm, for "recreational" purposes.