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Just some bios for all the OCs in my Digimon story series that I made for fun. Enjoy!
These are my digimon and digidestined chararacter songs.
these are my digimon profiles for my story called digimon :data chronicals
A story containing the exciting events which happen in Sapphire's Life!
This is a Digimon story with my oc Azukia and my fanmade Digimon. I will make this a series following all the seasons so look forward to it! ^^
After Sparx finished Vixymon: Lonely Life, he asked me to continue the series so here it is! Hope you like it! =D
I copied the awesome name from Warriors! Don't sue me! XD
just a digimon OC story,
hope you like it.
Wolfdramon and his friends face a series of emotional problems while trying to escape the wrath of a few familiar and some new villians...
Yesssssssss, Digimon Destiny 2 is here! Join the gang for their next biggest adventure in the Digital World ^^
digimon story based on digimon world 2 game story line.
Yes. I Deleted Wolfdramon's Story And Made A New One. Forget All Of The Old One I'm Starting Again.

Wolfdramon's life is pretty messed up. Find out why, here!
Wizardmon is reformed in this unknown location...and meets another that looks near identical to him...whom explains they are stuck there. (I dreamt this up, don't take it too seriously. XP)
This is about Veramon's life so far!!!
Me and Sasukegurl were doing a roleplay about finding a lost Calumon so I decided to write a story to it with even more OC''s!DO NOT ASK FOR YOUR OC TO BE IN THE STORY, IT''S JUST FOR THE DIGI FAMILY!
A requested story from Jordanthehedgehog of how me and him found Masheedramon and Leopardmon and stuff. Ps, I will not be adding OC's to this story but If you have a Digimon OC then ask to be in my other story Digimon Destiny!
ok everyone sems to have a story of there digimon so i made one too
this is a story of my made up digimon called Scorpionmon who gets sucked into a space vortex and somehow ends up in our world. this is a action and romance fan fiction.
here is my digimon doggymon's profile.and don't steal him and use him
without my premmision to use him.
just my didimon Metemon whit her stages and stuff
a digimon story about digimon and tamers about there friendship honour and bravery
I'm doin this for Konohasdarkshadow.....yes Jamal will be in this.......and it will be good
This is a Digimon fic about OC Digimon and of how the defeted some of the most evil Digimon ever! It's a story of courage, friendship and bravery.  Well, I hope you enjoy it! Oh, one more thing. DIGIMON RULES!!!
This is a song to all my friends called Cartoon Heroes by. Aqua!!!!! ^^

Hope you enjoy it!!!
This story is about my Digimon OC Lupinmon's life and how she got her scar and her fear of her own kind and before she met her friends.

Hope you all enjoy it. ^^
When Chip and his friend are sucked into the Digital world, there's no telling wat will happen.