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A Very ooc Voldemort and his death eaters devises a plan to go back to Hogwarts to get at Harry Potter. SUGER RELATED!
What would happen if, at the last final battle between Voldemort and Harry, there was a crazed fangirl...
HP oneshot
to put it Simply before the boy who lived!lol

Voldemort and his death eaters before Harry was born and of course that all important 'first defeat of Voldemort' also slight voldybella but not much!
I hope you guys like this, I had to think pretty hard, I made up most ofem my self but some were used from Please comment!!!

Hope you like. Please comment, I took some of the text from Please comment
What Voldemort said after he took Bellatrix from the Ministry of Magic. OotP spoilers. One-Shot.
in the first harry potter movie voldemort was on the back of quirrels head right? and my friend made a song of what he might sing if he isnt fainting over trolls or doing EVIL deeds for voldemort! Comments plz!
Also i dont own any of the