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the storry of how milas family got cursed enjoy
this is an essay for my english oral pressintation (speech) that i am going to post everywhere i can.
I watched Miley Cyrus' new video "7 Things" on YT and read some of the comments. Many of them were very revulting and hypocriticle. I would like you 2 read this article I wrote and give me your view.
I was actually really bored when I wrote this. The reason it's about Guardians and Guardian Angels is because one of my nicknames is Guardian.
Just my response to
Write a letter to me. Tell me about yourself. Your hobbies, your family, anything you want!
Inspirations and Explanations.
This is just a short article of where I get my inspirations for alot of my poems....
This was a paper i was assigned to write for my Algebra 2 class. I made a 100% on it, so please read about the life of Euclid of Alexandria and enjoy!
An article about the crisis in Darfur and Chad.
An article thingy about Nessy...
i originally wrote this story for my school newspaper
COMMENTS please!
Sometines, ranting just doesn't cut it when expressing your opinion. That's where these editorials come in. I guess you can read it if you're bored or something.
Just Read it. I don't care if you like it or don't like it.
Just a few tips for those of you who are having problems with chain letters, flamers, ETC. ^^
NOOO, THIS ISN'T MY WORK... it's just a copy of the Official Laws passed in my country in 1433. I just find it interesting, that's all. -_-
Trying to draw a good anime/comic picture? This tips can help.
I'll try to help people with their MS Paint problems... current issue: mfc42.dll
How many times have people attempted this?....
Another of my frankly random articles about life, the universe and everything
A series of solutions all themed to make the world greater place (originaly posted on my site:
It is an observation report based on a topic that I chose: religion. Happy reading!
How I think about friends...
a news update
I love earth...but I'm one of the very few who do. Either that or ppl are just ignorant as to wots relay going on. Open your eyes, see reality.