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Tai and Sai are Kai Hiwatari's younger twin siblngs what'll happen when they meet G-Rev? Mass Mayhem and love insues join these two crazy russians as they rip apart the BB world
Ok This a story about B.A.S. xD
To go to tokyo to see Malon xD
And going to meet the bladebreakers XD

Watch out somtimes there is some bad English
feh, not as good as i planned, oh well, comment please! ^_^
A girl of sixteen gets a wish will it be for better or worse?
Kai is cold hearted and nothing can make him shift from the cynical person he is now. Or could there be someone who can actually see something nice under that critic? Who knows? Maybe this girl knows more than possible about Kai's heart...
Bio of my Sonic OC characters!
Oscura is back at the place she grew up in, and hates the most. she looks through a scrapbook of her life. will the old memories consume her oneshot
Estrella is a singer at a club. she preforms a special song, will she let tala into her life or will she block him out one shot
A story I made up... bout this island and yeah...
This is my story of my oc's Kitto and Xander Kai is there brother Kitto and Kai are twins Kitto has long brown hair with red and pink strikes she has baby blue eyes, Xander has blue hair, and baby blue eyes and is eight months old.
Amy's sister comes!

“You think that stress ball I got her for Christmas is working?” Fanney asked. “I don’t think so.” Imma said.

rei x kai. goes slegding, all is fluffy until disaster strikes. bad summary. R&R