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just something i wrote for kakashi.
it was the most faved story on my deviant art account so i hope you enjoy it as much as everyone over there liked it.
Father and Daughter
A poem about Kakashi through his point of veiw
Please read, and comment ^_^
well this is a story of my my first OC and kakashi this story is long and get intesting along the road so here it is!
I spend most of my time on this story so please read D=

there will be lemons in the further chapters so be forewarned. Also. ^^; my chapters are pretty short so there shouldn't be any trouble reading them

Kakashi (c) Naruto

Sako (c) me
ya a kakashi fic about well he was a genin/chunnin
A few years before Naruto began, Kakashi pulls a prank on Kurenai and enrages her. So, Kurenai performs a prank back in the worst way for a man to be pranked. Stranding him in the middle of Konoha completely...Well, you'll have to read...
A poem from Kakashi to Iruka.
what`s the deal with kakashi being late