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Just something I did with a friend of mine. It's very deep of course ^_^
Basically what it says ^^;
ok, so this is my first really good (i think) fic and it's also archived at if you want to check it out there.
It's Christmas Eve and it's time to be happy and merry. But Quatre finds it hard when the one person he wants isn't there on this special day.
my gundam wing fanfic, featuring Trowa Barton and my gundam wing fan character. If you had to put this into a category i'd say something along the lines of twisted romance.
the title explains it all. the girls and me take the gundam guys out for some fun in the snow.
for those who read stories there i'm kidishcaresh, so i'm not violating any copyright rules!
Duo and Heero are feeling lonely, and Quatre and Trowa's loveing behaviour isn't helping. With loneliness eating at them, will they finally admit their feelings?
Quatre is alone at home, with a storm strong outside. But it's the wind that scares Quatre the most. And there's only one man that can comfort him.
Pure humor written by my older sister and me back in 2003 or something. Light hints of shounen ai. Heero needs his donuts and coffee. But what happens when he can't get them?
AU, OOC Heero's POV
Set about 4 years after EW. Heero and Duo are working with the Preventers, it’s peace just about everywhere, yadda, yadda, yadda and all that crap. No plot, fluff, OOC, the mention of adult objects aaaaaaaand... A singing Heero (told you it would be
I need you.

I want you.

So please stay?

For me?
Ok Duo does a prank on poor Wufei and thus ends up with them well..... I can't say you want to find out read! WARNING THIS IS YAOI!! DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT LIKE MALE/MALE RELATIONSHIPS!!
Quatre plays the old piano quiety thinking about the war and a certain someone, will he be able to express his feeling? ( occurs before EW - yaoi
3x4 AU PG Quatre waits for someone to return to him : au
songfic - christina aguilera - beautiful
Not being able to take anymore, Quatre makes a final decision on life.... (3+4 hinted, angst, death/suicide, song-fic)