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Is a single kiss enough to shake one whole life?
Severus Snape's descending to hell.
Severus Snape finds a Muggle CD that plays only one song...does it define him?
Fanfic based on HP books and Frodobolson72's "The Half Blood Prince" I was inspired by this pic then used what Rowling gave us about Snape to create the story. I like to think I understand the character and hope you agree. All comments welcome.
Sequel to Snape After Midnight. So, what happened to that exposing picture?
Harry is dared by Fred, George, and Ron one night to sneak down to the kitchens and steal some food, but what he finds out is something he really didn't want to know. What is it exactly that Snape does after midnight?
How to make Snape Angry/confused/whatever! XD

If you have any, be sure to tell me! Make sure they aren't already there though. =P
This is a songfic with Avril Lavgine's "Fall to Pieces". A girl named Laura fells left out, so she talks to Snape.