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Biographies of my original demons
Kat has lost almost everything. Can she really change everyone''s mind. But memories from her past come back to haunt her.
Kieran was half-demon. Her only friend was a human who was dying from lung disease. She fell in love with him, shattering the most important demon taboo. Now, he's dying. She has the chance to save his life. But will she?
A poem I made which is kinda like a story ^^. its about a nightly creature kinda like a vampire who experiences their first kill. What happens? Read to find out! XD
This story is about Vulkaan, a man whom travels around the world, meeting three strangers and that’s when his life took a strange turn!Gardian is also a part of this story. ;3
look at my pic as i sew my self together
...will ad later
some random stor i am gonna make up....
So deal with it dude.
This has been in my head for a while so...I hope u like it!
This is done for a Poetry contest. This poem won most original and the most fun to read. I was also praised on the personification in certain areas in this. This is a darker poem from the summer. Enjoy.
In the dark you shall fear,
In your screams I'll be there,
When you bleed I shall drink,
When you sleep I shall wake,
Then in my grasp, shall be your soul

Find out....

O\v/O Happy Haoowwwwwwwwwlloween!!
The begginings of a story...A demon set on Earth to seek out weakling demons and troublesome Angels. Hard work...harder still is the mixing of his life with humans. Can he pull it off??
Descriptions of my own made up demons.
If you like Vampires/demons you'll love hells angel...He came from hell..but is his heart so clouded that he can't see other peoples pain and suffering? Dose he like someone out to hurt him or is someone in love with him....dose he care?
Alley Wings (roll playing Character) is going through hard times and has left home, she strikes out on her own, but her troubles soon follow.
erm....I wrote it after I watched Underworld. :)
It's true belive me if you wish.....but be warned. I'm only grade five, and they say I've got a writing level ubove average.