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Sheng has been thrown into firenation prison and is now sharing a prison with the earthbender shaw. he realises they need 2 ecscape
my own little fan fiction about my favorite show avatar the last air bender
The story of the Next Avatar, who must travel around the world with her friends to learn all the elements and defeat Azula and the Fire Nation "traitors"
this story is about a sea godess she was very beautiful but then she was cursed by an evil land witch (me: lol landwitch) she turns her into somthing that you would never imagine.......
Okays, I know I spelled Yue wrong.XDD

And Im not sure if Ti and La are (c) of ME,or of Nickelodeon.I know!

FISH Ti/La (c) Nickelodeon

PEOPLES Ti/La (c) Zippeh. There.:3

Anyways,The four are wandering through a dense jungle.They happen upon two girls. But,one is a Water Bender,and the Other is a Fire Bender.And they get along! But what about them makes Aang start to think that not all is as they seem...?
A new breed of bender teams up with a banished Prince to save her old village, but both of them have their own selfish plan. Can this girl and her friends really save the world, and can they make the fire prince turn around? (oc/zuko)(other pairings?) .. goes with my fanart
It's gonna be a great story
These are my characters from a story I made called "Tyler his friends and the Crystal Tower" whcih I will post later on. Read these please!
my first story
zuko needs a trainer and they got him one but what happens when their feelings towrd each other start to grow.i tried to fix it but i don't know if it worked but i still suck at stories and sumeries