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Elladan wants to leave Imladris, and his brother. Can they let him change his mind?
(WARNING)procide with caution this story is utterly random. I died laughing writing this maybye you will reading it! (Caution:Involves great quantaties of ale and food!)
Of Aragorn, His Bare Nakid Legs, Smelling of Legolas and Lap Dancing Boromir...
Lantathae's original story that happened during the Fellowship.
A story set between the battle of the last alliance and the fellowship in Middle Earth
A story based on the Lord of the Rings:
In the fond, loving, and sometimes absolutley hilarious memory of Emily Webster, the real Arwen.
If you have any difficulty reading the quenya (elvish), please email me - or leave a commen
Its is set in Middle Earth and starts around the time when the fellowship begins. Gilthoniel is the youngest sibling of Haldir of Lothlorien this story is about her life and her trying to cope with three older brothers.
Aragorn and Legolas share a tender moment after Leggy attempts suicide. Contains attempted suicide and slash.
These are short lessons based off the Quenya Elvish (LotR) course on Rather than 40 pages a chapter, I got them down to 4. I don't have all lessons like this yet. All material belongs to Tolkien and was compiled by that site.
A story I wrote for school about my English teacher being transported into Middle Earth. Chaos ensues.
This is a poem I wrote,it was inspiried by my best friend's painting and I though it described Gollum
What happens when LOTC characters play Truth or dare? The results can be tragic, for everyone.
A little LotR fanfiction I wrote some time ago. It's told from the point of view of Frodo...I don't know how no one I showed it to could figure that out...
Young Yume, Legolas' sister was sent to live with her old fashion Girls-can't-fight-for-nothin, not quite related Uncle Elrond, as he torchers her, she almost gives up hope, until she meets 2 young hobbits named marry, and Pippin.