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When the Mario Bros' friends start to disappear, what can our heroes do to get them back? Progress on hiatus; story started when I was 14.
When Yoshi has a mysterious disease, the only doctors that can cure him are in the BeanBean kingdom. Adventures explode from there! Written when I was 14. :D
read the introduction... but basically, mario needs more than just him and his brother. so bario joins them. and prepare for a twist around chapter 30.
A review for a good game worth renting not buying.
This is a really great story that will make you laugh. Just a random story.
not complete.
This is a funny tale of an Italian plumber who was tricked. You'll laugh at this one.
This story is about how mario took on bowser for the first time.But to reach his castle,he will need to enlist some friends and gain seven star powers to help.Will he succeed or will the kingdom fall under bowser's command.
my 19 story on fan art well it another luigi story not as good as luigi mansion 2 but it one of my best story
a random dream i had the day after i beat paper mario
the cont of my storys a pointless story and daisy get back at peach my 17 story
i said this is the best story i have ever made well me and my friends just to tell you this maybe the long story on fac
8 facts about SuperMario-addicts (Note:This is not meant to be serious!)
8 Zeichen über SuperMario-Süchtige (Anmerkung:Es ist nicht ernst gemeint!)
This is my first fan story. Its about Mario & Luigi's quest to stop a storm in Pipe Land (aka the Pipe Maze).

Please comment.
A love story between two star crossed lovers in the lands around Peach's castle, two warring families the Mario bros and the royal Men come together in ways thought impossible, a Romeo and Juliet story.
Here's a cute Luigi story chapter dat i made when i waz bored.....plz enjoy there will be more later....^-^
This is a funny story about Mario needing to catch up with modern society. Believe me. You're going to laugh your butt off at this one.
 It's a story I made up that has a few things from the Mario bros. game, but with twists.
Video games, love and music. They make the perfect match! Songficlets about true love featuring the ever so popular Mario gang!
This is what happens when Luigi goes on his own Super Mario 64 adventure! ^^
Need help in Super Mario Sunshine? No biggie, look here! I'll write some tips a lot, but if there is a certain level you need help on, or need to know where something is, I'll try my best to help! (I have 108 sprites, that's why I'm doing this.)