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When Yuki walks in on Tohru with another boy, he becomes butter and woman hatig, pushing Tohru away more. Does he still love her on the inside?
Yuki Sohma, as you all know, he's a kind person, but has trouble telling people whats on his mind. But when He meets Maya things seemed to change for the both of them. (Hope you read and tell me what you think about my story x])
Basically, Kyo is hit by a car and hospitalized for damage to his lungs. It only gets worse over time. He finally confesses his love for Tohru, but does she love him? Even if she did could their love be strong enough to conquer death itself? Kyoru fluff!
Lilly meets a cat and rat like person when she visits her cousin Tohru
Arya sat in the pouring rain, lightly drawing . Her pad was soaked , but she drew on drawing the figure in a hooded sweatshirt. She sat outside the Sohma’s house, waiting for Kyo. Then she heard noise on the roof
kyo is a vampire how will he be able to handle this and what does this have to do with Thoru!?
This is the sequel to to Leaves of Words, a fruits basket story. More new characters, much more suspense. And...Tohru and Kyo get married! But who is willing to stop them with deadly consequences?
Kyo loves Tohru. Kagura loves Kyo. Yuki loves Tohru. But who does Tohru love? This is a story of love, hate,and lust. What will our charters do. Will they find love or live a life of remorse.
~I'm redoing the story~
There aren't many stories about Fruits Basket couples, so i decided to make one, please tell me your favorite pairings,So I can write a chapter about it! and It won't be a waste of your time!There IS romance in EVERY ONE!
One-shot. Kyo has a good Valintines Day for once. Sorry this is soooo late R&R Please ^^
a fruits basket story!its my first i've never written a story on fruits basket sooo my first time! its going to about how the curse is broken!
YukixxTohru pairing. ROMANCE!
(The stuff in red doesn't mean anything. I donno why it's red ^-^)
I would like to give some credit to my friend who helped me with this story!
(You know who you are! THANK YOU!)
What happens when Kyo and Yuki BOTH fall for Tohru? Well, it's a tight but sweet situation. You've heard the quote 'Love can do extrodinary things?'
Well yah got that right in THIS story.
Ayame finds Hari's video camera and torments the other Sohma's and some of my own characters.Some gay sugestions, but nothing big.
(Once again with my bad titles) There is a heat wave and Yuki has a girl who's is madly in love with him. Something quick and sweet.