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A remarkable blind woman sees what no one else can in him... (This is a fanfiction that I am also publishing on under the user name Sacillia)
the revise veson of inuyasha and kagome all explain in the end and changes and more chapters and desptive stuff
Another day, and another screw up between Inuyasha and Kagome...but this time, it might not be forgiven.
that kgome inuyasha start there neww life together wedding mate pregnant and stuff revise verson a new beegging story more about it on the note
that lot happens in this story with inuyasha and kagome . like ex kagome gets in car accented asnnsa or other stuff read it update in summer
Once again, Kagome is hurt by InuYasha's Love for Kikyo...But this time, she takes it to the extreme.
KagXInu MirxSan
Inuyasha hasn broken heart.Kikyo betrayed Inu. But there is someone who can mend his heart.But Inu's pride comes in the way
Kagome sacrifices her life for Inuyasha. Can he bear it?
kagome is married to inuyasha.

kagome is a dog/cat demon, inuyasha is half demon.
Kagome and Inuyasha has another fight and Kagome goes back to her time and goes to sleep. She wakes up and suddenly finds herself in her future life "Whats going on"

I nope the summary stinks but the story doesnt
Something terrible happened to Kagome and she broke up wiht INuyasha and he started dating Kikyo. What happenens when Inuyasha finds out what happened wiht Kagome he got heartbroken
Kagome is the most beautiful,powerful fairy in Faerieland. Her jealous sister Kikyo ripped off her wings and now to get her wings bac she needs to find a true love
Inuyasha is a movie star and Kagome does a movie with him. Inuyasha is certainly interested in Kagome
Inuyasha and Kagome were best friend untill they went to high school Inuyasha then met Kikyo and didnt care for Kagome anymore and Kagome was very sad. Kikyo than bet Inuyasha that he can make Kagome fall in love with him. But what will happen.
Inuyahs and Kagome are 2 half demons but Kagome has the ability of the 4elements.
(read 2 find out wat happens plz.)
inuyasha and kagome have a little 'talk'
I rewrote Inuyasha episode 126 Change Heartache into Courage. Its more explaining next I'm gonna write episode 167 [rewrite] more explaining please comments pls
My First Story!! I will give you good comments if you give me good comments!

Stay toon for a new chapter today or tomorrow!!!
Prince Inuyasha is having a ball to find the Demon of his dreams...All Singel Female Demons are invited...
Kagome is living with her Evil step mother *who is part Demon as well as her 2 daughters* and they are going to the Ball...READ ON
Inuyasha and Kagome argue as usual, and funny stuff happens!  Soooo discriptive!  But a nice ending if I do say so myself ;)
If you all liked my story "Kagome Drunk" then you will love this one. Well Kagome gets upset and really wanna know who's in Inuyasha's heart so she gives him bear. What will happen now?
Once upon a time, there was a dog hanyou and not yet miko who met by a chance of fate.
Inuyasha comes in Kagome's time while there was a terrible snow storm and Inuyasha was in his human form but what happens when Inuyasha stays in Kagome's room will something good come out of it.
Kagome died 2 years ago and Inuyasha misses her very much but then he thinks what if he changes the past if he warns himself of Kagome's death in the past if Kagome is alive in the past she'll be alive in the future.