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The evil Magnificent strikes again as Queen Prissy remarries a sucker!
A parody of Sleeping Beauty, where the grumpy king fears for his life over a prophecy set by an evil fairy named Magnificent.
Parody of It's The Wolf (Cattanooga Cats) where Wambsy won $10K on The Price Is Right. And our evil mascot tries to rob the sheep.
She Lives and is found in rebirth and the realm of dreams.
This is a Wizard of Oz parody that features a wacky mascot.
In the story the witch named Luchie has to pick to either become a lycan or a vampire along the line of the fight she learns that not every one she loved is who they are she learns that her parents are alive but will she be able to see them?
Thank you Mizy for the inspirational pics:

Check out Mizy's artwork:
Jaz always hated anything weird. Now she's making weird stuff happen- Because she is one of the weird things she hates! along the way, she learns spells, potions, and writes down her journey in a journal that writes back!
I'm very bored, decided to write whatever was on my mind.
Another world, a new story to be told, and this one it a story of a friends fight to save something they never thought of, a story of great evil and of great light.
A story of light and dark, right and wrong
It's about A servant of a powerful Mage who gets back at her master for killing the ones she loved..
The story is about a little witch that lost her family.
A girl discovers many things about her magical powers hat she hadn't known before.

*This is a story which will soon be part of a whole series. You won't really understand this one if you don't read the first one.
its about a 15 year old girl named Amy who thought she was a normal popular girl but she was totaly wrong
Mayna is a young 15 year old girl like any other, except for the fact that she is a witch. She find her powers and takes off from everything she knows. What will happen to her now that she knows she is a Witch?
my first poem to this site.. well i was quite moody when i wrote this but that could be because the teacher annoyed me (yep, wrote this in school ;) ) so, its one of my favourites, enjoy