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This is Season 1, where they first met, ast the very young ages of Seven and Nine years old. Atem the young prince of Egypt, has fallen in love with a young mermaid princess of Nile River who called Princess Ivy, Ivy who fell in love with him as well.
Atem and Yugi are orphaned brothers, on the run from a madman. Tea has died and Atem has been moping for the past year. As he sinks further into depression, will he be able to help his brother defeat the madman?
(based on the book:"Eragon")
This is a crossover from family guy with Yugioh GX with Chazz and Nikky
Yu-Gi-Oh/Matrix crossover. lol.
Atem and Tea get sucked into the world of the Matrix. =D

Follow up to Pharaoh's Curse!

Inspired by the book: Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver.

Will Atem and Tea be able to cope when they are stranded in the past, where people hunt for food and live in tribes or clans?
The Oni Bakura story is a massive anime crossover featuring Ryou Bakurafrom YuGiOh together with a variety of different anime characters fromdifferent anime shows. This story is my sequel to the different animeshows featured in this story.