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This is a story about me and my friend, Crystal. We are gym leaders, and trainers. We train a lot and we are queens of darkness!
Don't ask..the idea occured to me one night while in the shower, I have no idea why.
So read it and be amused! δ-δ
this is my first story guys tell me what ya think
My story...XDD
ash and misty fall in love but only to have suffering.
This is the sequel to What is L0ve? Haru is the daughter of Ash and Misty, but Marie is Haru's mother, Josh is her brother and Ash is her father. Haru wants to leave her house and go out on her own to join the battles and tournaments like her father had w
Follow June's adventure in the world of Poke'mon.
Read or DIE! Muahuahua!
A parody of "When the Rose Petal Falls", written by sapphirestar7789!
The story of Emo.
About Crystal and Brendan (From Ruby/Sapphire). A love story! Heh, heh!
a story about Rhia, Gary, me, Brendan, Wally, Benny, May, all our Pokemon, and other stuff.

A stupid little fanfic, don't even bother to read it, but i'll keep on updating chapters.
A planet (like Earth) full of Pokemon.... My two brothers and I love Pokemon so I decided to write a story and have them help! 
a story i thought up
A story about Cassie, Emo, Dark Mew of the Regianor Region, and James and Fyorah of the Hoenn Region. R&R!
En fell in love with Eve the first time they met. Problem is? Read to find out please! R&R
My first fanfiction tells the amazing stories of Caitlin Ketchum and her rather interesting life. Aw, I stink at summaries! I'll just tell you, it's a lot better than it sounds!
Jazi and Natalie go in the woods and find out it's crawling with pokemon. this experience takes them on a journey
Long ago, the tribe of Alph flourished. However, a war between them and Ecruteak was destroying the habitat for the Pokemon and disrupting their lives. Suicune, Entei, and Raikou intervine, and a quest ensues. isuckatsummaries.
After stealing the Rose Orb, Brendan finds himself in quite a situation. Now he must save himself and his friends from Team Aqua. Who are they? and why exactly do they want this Orb?
This is my version of Whose line. I hope you like it.
A story about a boy named Ray who finally gets his first pokemon, So now he will go on a journey to be the best
When a good lord of the pokemon world goes bad, things get intense. Another lord, who awakens from an uncalled sleep 10 thousand years later, must go after the evil spirit.
+CROSSES OVER WITH "Enter the Game"+
An AAML videofic set to "Dreaming of You" by Selena. Misty struggles to work up the nerve to confess her feelings for Ash. Rated G.