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A story about a houndoom who goes on a wild rampage for love.He has lost his mate and cannot stop the rage.One girl is sent to stop it....what will happen?
Four friends, and an adventure for the ages. The of test frindship is put to the hardest level, will they be able to pass it?
Well, it dosn't seem Pokemon at first... but it all has to do with Pokemon. I made up Charcoal, the king... and the evil Pokemon which still to this day has no name. I hope you like it... maybe I'll write more if I have good comments.
I was messing around >.>
Well, I was talking in the yahoo chat this time, with moogle (Takeshi) and I came up with Vaporeon land and I thought that I should make it into a story and have moogle in there. lilwashu my sis is the baddie.
I had this up before but I deleted it so I could put it into chapters together. Please comment. Felicity is my made up character and she has a vaporeon friend called Ruby. Find out what happens to them and ash, misty and brock and you will find out a
I wanted to do a poem about Vaporeon so I thought that I would write one about my Vaporeon and post it with a pic and letter 2 pokemon world.
An odd morning show in the Kanto Pokemon world...I was hyped on sugar when I wrote this so don't blame me if it's weird and/or dumb.You know I don't own this wonderful creation known as Pokemon so I really didn't have to say that,now did I?
This picture is a poem about a Cat,Dog and Mouse.It was a poem I remembered from the poetry contest and they lost all of mine and a CUTE Jigglypuff picture!!!!
A poemsong. About MISSINGNO. o_O; My theory is that it only looks like it does 'cause it's got some kind of mental shield up. So... yeah.