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the life of a girl named willa and her best friend
a poem i wrote in a dark time of my heart
Tara was at a party. She meets a guy who seems perfect. They go up to each other and they talk. Then he asks her out. But Tara finds out that it's her her worst enemy Rachel is his sister . Can they be together?
some times ting we think r behind us r really on our minds constantly!
this a a poem i felt in my heart and i wish i coul finish knowing what it meant to me !!!
i do regret this
this is my word tward all my friends
Kuzai: So treat your girl with the love and respect she deserves.
Hope dat you don't mind me using your picture Luth. ^^;
It just seemed perfect is all. ^^;

Picture is (c) Luthien

Poem is (c) to me.
love never lasts
things dont all ways last
this is a poem about 2 lovers and his secrets that tare them apart
a poem about a couple who let there lust ruin there love
Poem of love...
a love story end
we all hide behind masks, the only people who can see through those masks are the people who really care.
Story about two people who fall in love against their families wishes and have to hide their feelings.
true feeling of love....
this is part of a long series
of poams i've lost the others
but if i find them i will post them
This is how I used to feel about the guy that took my heart and killed it and burned it and puked on it and stepped all over it...and yeah. :D So I mean, it doesn't matter how much you love someone...
This is a poem I created. It is sort of love storyish. Hope ya like it.
A short story of destiny between a good girl who turned into a politician and a bad boy who becomes an Assassin.
Kadie is lovesick, lonely and annoyed. She gets called an emo, though she is not. She's merely a human girl, who's different. This annoys her alot. Inbetween the bullying and hate, love starts to bloom and before we know it, there's a love square!
this is about a guy i have a major crush on...