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My First written story/fanfic!! At least the first that has ever gotten past three sentences. XD hope ya like it! Enjoy!
I have this story on my FanFiction account as well (TheNameIsJo). It got great response and I enjoyed writing it. And if you don't like this couple then please don't bash me. Oh and I couldn't remember if it had profanity so I put mild.
This story takes place from Rin's piont of view as a teenager... I hope you enjoy it^-^
One-shot. Rin has been feeling down lately and doesn't know why. Will Sesshomaru and some chocolates Kagome sent her help her to feel better? Read and find out. R&R Please
One-shot. Rin finds something weird while picking flowers and waiting for her lord, But what effect does it have on Sesshomaru? R&R Please
He saw it, the object of his desires. He had been dreaming about it for the last few hours. He could smell the sweet scent drifting through the whole camp site. But he had to be patient, other wise the guard of the precious object would find him and ruin
This is a mix of stuff. a poem, a song, and some other things. It's supposed to be like what happens after Rin sacrifices herself for Sesshomaru sess/rin kind of
One-shot. He couldn’t escape it, no mater how hard he tried or how fast he ran it was always two steps right behind him. The smell of blood and death was fresh in the air as the soldier ran from his enemy. Rain from the last three days had turned the