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I made this simply stating my opinion and there were too many words for a blog, so I put it in a story.
Sample of my story, Embargo.
Dusk is about Surri and Jasper. I alreddy told u peepl about it and that I'd send it here so ya. It's gunna happn cuz Surri soooo much coolr than Alice.
a story based on the twilight seires i hav designed some new chacters you can find images of thes on my gallery, its a work in progress my typings not great anyways its bout a vampire called tomas an a were wolf called jade... enjoy
Bella Swan's parents have arranged for her to marry Edward Cullen.She is being forced against her own will and moves to live with him.Will she be able to go through with the marriage?And more importantly, will she end up loving Edward?Set in 1921.
Okay people, I just made a Twilight oc! here's her profile, comment me with your thoughts, then I'll need ocs to join in! (That means you Kitty!) ^U^
3 girls go to a park to have hang out, but they end up meeting 3 vamps, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward...and one gets bitten. Will the other two girls stay human? Slight yuri. very slight.
An Edward one shot where he's looking back at his life before he was turned. Edward's POV.
Elizabeth Gallagher would go anywhere to escape her memories, but what happens when she goes to Fork's, and her memories fallow her there. 
I had never thought of actally loving someone.Let alone thinking of death.I had allways thought love never came with a price to pay,but death by loving someone seemed to cruel to me.
Just a short oneshots I did...