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Twlight-The Secret Sister

Okay people, I just made a Twilight oc! here's her profile, comment me with your thoughts, then I'll need ocs to join in! (That means you Kitty!) ^U^



Chapter 0 - Emily Swann
Submitted: October 2, 2008 • Updated: October 2, 2008
Word count: 315 • Size: 1k • Comments: 18 • views: 255


Comments (18)

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FallOutGirlAARHinder on December 28, 2008, 5:01:55 AM

FallOutGirlAARHinder on (Chapter: index)
FallOutGirlAARHinderHEY SISSY-POO!!!! Hope ya don't mind me joining.

Name: Claudia Rayne

Age: Alice and Jasper's

Hair Color: Ebony

Eye Color: Dark, coal-brown

Personality: Independent, Bi-Polar, Aggressive, Mysterious, Manic Depressive

Story: Claudia was born from a hybrid father and full blooded vampire mother. She was an only child and was raised wild. That was, until her father died and mother let her in school. Ever since then, she knew she couldn't get along with people. Only those of her kind. Which, basically, is none. She 1/3 werewolf and 2/3 vampire and an only child. As she grew old, but still kept her youth, she be-befriended Alice, and soon Jasper. Sadly, she can't get along with Rosalie and Emmett since they remind her of her father. Yet, Edward is a different story. They don't hang out, but don't get along. They're just...there. Dealing with their own problems and never speaking.

sailoraqua13 on December 28, 2008, 8:17:44 AM

sailoraqua13 on (Chapter: index)
sailoraqua13HI!!!! I've missed you SOOOOO much! ^U^

FallOutGirlAARHinder on December 28, 2008, 8:19:17 AM

FallOutGirlAARHinder on (Chapter: index)
FallOutGirlAARHinderSame here. Sorry I haven't been on. I got so caught up on the other site and in life.

sailoraqua13 on December 29, 2008, 12:08:43 PM

sailoraqua13 on (Chapter: index)
sailoraqua13It ok, I'M SOOOOO GLAD YOUR BACK!!!!! T_T

Diomondcookie9 on December 19, 2008, 10:43:16 PM

Diomondcookie9 on (Chapter: index)
Can I join?
age:just turned 18
grade:(Bella and Edwards)
Hair color:Glossy Blonde
Eye Color:amazing dark green
Persinality:She is a shy girl. Even though she is very clumbsy and every one thinks she is dumb she really is a straight A student.And she likes to hide and not be seen. Untill one day her mom just left her and her sister alone and didn't come back. So the Cullens reluctantly adopt her and her sister.her sister ends up getting married in 6 months(her sister was 20). So Emma was left with the Cullens who at that point took her in there group at school.Then one day while the Cullens where on a hiking trip,Emma (Who was brave around them) went in to a cave to sit down, The others just went to the other side to see the veiw. While she was in the cave another bad Vampire came up and bite her. But her scream wasnt loud enough for the Cullens to hear.So when they came back it was to late and she had because Emma Cullen a very pretty vampire![

sailoraqua13 on December 20, 2008, 3:03:45 AM

sailoraqua13 on (Chapter: index)
sailoraqua13Thanks for joining! ^U^

Diomondcookie9 on December 22, 2008, 9:22:20 AM

Diomondcookie9 on (Chapter: index)
Diomondcookie9Ok when is the first chapter done?

sailoraqua13 on December 24, 2008, 11:25:11 AM

sailoraqua13 on (Chapter: index)
sailoraqua13In a few days, I need to get my copy of the book back from a friend of mine before I can start writing.

Diomondcookie9 on December 27, 2008, 6:24:54 AM

Diomondcookie9 on (Chapter: index)
Diomondcookie9Oh ok!l0l

swampertgirl0504 on October 16, 2008, 5:56:22 PM

swampertgirl0504 on (Chapter: index)
I'll read them and design a character!

*face palm*

save me a place.

sailoraqua13 on October 19, 2008, 2:24:30 AM

sailoraqua13 on (Chapter: index)
sailoraqua13Ok! ^U^

StrawChan on October 13, 2008, 12:22:35 PM

StrawChan on (Chapter: index)
StrawChanName: Jordan (I'll think up a last name for her later...she's Quillete)
Age: 17 (Bella and Edward's age)
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Happy-go-lucky, is very smart, rarely gets upset.
Story: Jordan is withdrawn from the rest of the Quilletes. Her mom made sure that she goes to a different school (Emily and Bella's), mostly because she doesn't believe in the all the superstition. Jordan and Emily have been friends for years, so Jordan knows the Cullens indirectly. When "New Moon" roles around, Jordan is one of the first to transform into a wolf. Everyone is really surprised, seeing as she's a girl, but no one is more surprised than her mother. So Jordan isn't allowed to hang out with Emily any more, which makes her sad.

And that's about as far as I got.

sailoraqua13 on October 14, 2008, 9:12:09 AM

sailoraqua13 on (Chapter: index)
sailoraqua13That perfectly fine! I can take that and role with it! Thank you so so so so much Straw-chan! ^U^

StrawChan on October 13, 2008, 6:50:34 AM

StrawChan on (Chapter: index)
Have you read the second/third books yet?

sailoraqua13 on October 13, 2008, 7:26:37 AM

sailoraqua13 on (Chapter: index)
sailoraqua13Yep! I've read the entire series! (In about a week and a half actually! ^^U)

StrawChan on October 13, 2008, 12:04:27 PM

StrawChan on (Chapter: index)
StrawChanOkay, so how will Emily be able to return to Forks?

I guess I'll make a character for this since you have no more sign ups. She'll be a werewolf, if that's okay. Gimme a sec...

sailoraqua13 on October 14, 2008, 9:11:15 AM

sailoraqua13 on (Chapter: index)
sailoraqua13Thank you! ^U^