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It was only a matter of time of argueing with Yuki about a doctor that shigure realized something. Yuki WANTED to be sick. He WANTED to just lay there without help. He was being suicidal. "No...No, Yuki, rethink this!" "No..." the rat whispered w
This is my first story being wrote in a long time...I finished it 5:12pm...July 01, 04. It's for Fruits Basket. It's told through someone's point of veiw. I have a unique way of writing. >_>;; So you can kind of pick. It's told through either Yuki or
[One Shot] Kyo Sohma met Kyoko Honda long before meeting her daughter Tohru. Could that meeting be the reason why Kyo tries so hard to be close to Tohru? As...perhaps...her friend?
Have you ever wondered what Kyo's really thinking under that shell of anger? I have, and this is what I thought reminded me most of him. Mild suicide reference, be warned!