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Someone has claimed to be Xssys, a member of deviantART. If this member was her, they wouldn't have posted something with a DeviantART watermark. I am only asking for someone to let her know. I admire her artwork a lot. Thank you ~ Cleaye
Just a crap-poem I wrote about my inferiority complex, no big deal.
Sorry eLampe, couldn't resist.

eLampe is lazy and all the teachers love him. Why? He's the butt end of pretty much all the jokes. If I remember any, I'm posting them here.

A request... It is quite different from my usual style, but I have tried. I intent to make a different version at some point.
My story of love
This is just a story about my friends and other people at school.
Its about my friend victor, and I want him to know, that he is one of my best friends, and is like my little brother.
lol...just my friends on FAC...xD
this is a pome for daisy my gf
It's the old Hardy boys vs the acting wrestlers hardy boys.
For good ol jamie.
Lord Zork is uncle scrooge and he meets a lot a chirstmas spirts get it chirstmas spirts.
I just... had to. It made me so sad... Please read this.
Chirs I hope you like this story.
My Friend Jazzy is moving away, This is my poem for her.
(she is keep_smiling on FAC
This is a poem I wrote earlier this year, about me and Michelle. I was thinking of the distance between us, hence the title.
off of yusuke_luv)gurl's picture dark depression!
gift to cutesonic, sunflower_the_hedgehog (im still sorry for the arguement) and sonicgirl.
This is a tribute to all you out there who have commented on my work, or done pics or is a friend of RJ!! TAKE A LOOK! LOL ^^
^^ here ya go orange_head