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iPhone english practice
I know this says its harry potter but its a Phantom of the Opera fan fic! I'm writing it on Wattpad!
When sixteen year old Jade''s parents are killed. She finds out the truth of who she really is and falls for the boy named Harry Potter and soon finds out that he will be her enemy.
How to be mean to Oliver Wood.
Example 906789: Call him Woody Boy
Example 100000: Do fall in love with him and profess that love at random times in Snape's class (do not try will result in detention)
Oliver/Occ main pairing
The schools thought it would be fun to play 'foren exchange student teacher', every teacher thinks it fun right. Well it was, until some 'got poked in the eye'. Not literaly.
Possibly I will be writing this. I'm going to see if anyone is interested in it. Starring my character, Taylor Short, and a cast of OCs people give me. Sign up, if you want. Just no relatives of Voldemort, kay?
This is A Hogwarts Story from the very beginning, from year 1, with Cyrus and Kit, back in the marauder era. This is all from Cyrus' POV. Here's how it all began.
This fan-fic is about my OC character, Taylor Weasley who is a cousin to Ron.
The story of the only other one who lived the Avasa Kadavra curse. Mary Jane Potter.
what happens to hogworts when an heir of Gryffindor finally arrives back to school?
ok well Jasmine is a harry potter oc so her story is like a rewite of the harry potter books but in her veiw.
harry potter characters(C)j.k.rowling
Two babies were delivered on the eve of October 31st to an orphanage in France; one, Harry James Potter is going to save the wizarding world and the other is one day going to condemn it.
Silke and her brother Faramir are going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. What happens? Find out! Note that this is my first fic...
(Possible spoilers)
This is a new story that me and my friend Laura cam eup with I love DRACO MALFOY^^
 This story is written from my point of view and doesn't start at Hogwarts. And it starts with the forth book. My character isn't well, normal. Should I finish it?
My OC, Linely (Lynn-lee) Thompson, and how she comes to Hogwarts. New enemies, this time Voldemort's not the only person after Harry! There's a new Dark Order lurking in the background, but know one knows who they are or what their goals are! Takes place
This is my story for HP.
This is for Ferret_avitar22, and im sry its taken SO long but here it is.

This is about Cyrus Riddle and Kit Johnson...and stufz that happens at hogwarts. Marauder era.

Sorry for ANY spelling/grammar issues.
This is a story about my original character, Kit Johnson. Her and Ivygreane's character, Cyrus Riddle, embark on adventure's through romance and dangers in Hogwarts.
The basic timeline of all the Characters in my story. Hopefully I can finish it soon
For those who look at Soinks_girl's art this is the rp story she was talking about. I hope ya'll really enjoy cuz i think this is ADORABLE!
I really can't think of a proper name for this story, but its a harry potter fanfic.
This is a fan fiction that I'm working on. It's about a two friends (based on me and a friend) who stumble upon a time travel device blah blah blah, and basicaly wreak havoc. I'm a SLOOOOOOW story writer, so once you've read this boring first part do