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Learning to love a demon isn't easy.
It's Christmas time in feudal Japan, and Yukiko thinks it's[color] about time she spread some Christmas cheer around the castle.[color]
The title says it all, my friends find it LMAO funny. But then again that's just my friends. Please respond even if it's critique!
A very old fanfiction I made when I was eleven year's old. Sesshoumaru is out of character for some reason....
It's about Gato Mewnie who is old friends with Sesshomaru but hasn't seen each other in 60 years.
just the discription of people
(there WILL be more content ratings but i guess in a discription can't have any bad things in it x3)
This story is about Sesshomaru and all the things we want to know about him. His childhood, Mom, relationship with Dad his sex life and life in general.
What to get killed by Sesshy? Or just piss him off? Here's a couple of ways^_^ Glad I could help out. Less humans to kill in the future.
I felt that it was too mushy-gooshy, so this is the revised version of my original fic.
A joke Mary Sue story thing I made. BAH
Rei Anul Sama wrote a story a lot like this, but it was *my* original idea. She wrote the story (Demons of Old) her own way, and I didn't approve cause she made Sesshoumaru a total wuss (and she screwed the whole ending up). This is *my* version of it.
The story so far: In the beginning the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. Sesshoumaru is one of those people.
Sesshoumaru has lost the one thing that he unknowingly held close to his heart. Will we finally see some emotion from the "heartless" Demon Lord...or will he keep them locked up inside?
Just a cool little Sesshy poem i wrote cause i luvs him! lol my peeps say its pretty good so please read and tell me whatcha think lol Thanx!
The things Sesshoumaru and Rin (jaken to) in their free time.
Just some Sesshoumaru quotes I got hope ya like it
a really good poem about Sesshoumaru-sama, Rin-sama, and Jaken-sama. Very interesting! A must-read!