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After the horrific battle with the Metarex, Sonic and friends come back to Earth. The story explains the rest.

The moral of this story is to think positive and never give up, no matter how hopeless things get.
Amy and Shadow have known eachother since the 2nd grade. Throughout those years Shadow has teased and pushed her around. Even though Amy is tough she does nothing about it except one day at camp she cracks! SHADXAMY!
If you played the game Sonic Battle, you could understand Amy and Rouge's relationship with each other since then. Suddenly, their relationship takes a turn for the worst. It'll take me a while, but during this time, please enjoy part 1 of Sonic's new epi
Well this is just a story that I threw together for all my fellow Sonamy supporters. Plz comment but no flaming. Enjoy! :]
Amy Rose lived a normal life until the finding of a book changes her life. (Kinda a crossover between Cardcaptor Sakura and Sonic the hedgehog)
My very frist FanFic! u had Better read it!
Umm this is my first time writing a story so its probably really bad! If you have any suggestions please tell me! Oh and if you want your character to be in here please tell me as well. Please include there stats! like their name,likes/dislikes, etc.