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Plot: A very hungry Rouge lion enters the Pride Lands, and is so hungry he would eat anything... even if it was a cub...
A few months later he appears at the Waterhole and meets that very cub again

Who is this lion? And what will happen?
i tried to write this story before but it went funny so here goes
The first lion king movie but its in nalas point of view I hope you all like it!:D
I know this goes completely against my nature, but I'm gonna write a story that dosen't have Roxas:( *sobs*, Riku and Kairi.
This is based from the beginning - to the end, of The Lion King.(including when Sora comes to the pride lands)
This story is about a young man whos harritage causes him to loose hios humanity. He is now one of the lions.

this story is connected with "The Kiss Of Eden"
This is a story about a lioness that i got from a friend at TLKAA. Its not set in the lion king time or even in the same world.
the story is the first ive tried so its crappy.
all the characters in this are mine.