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Chapter 1 - Leaving

My OC's story with the Akatsuki Clan and her friends!
Sexual Content: Mild
Violence: Mild to Moderate

Chapter 1 - Leaving

Chapter 1 - Leaving
A/N: ' thoughts' or writing
Titles or Inners: (Sakura and Tobi mostly)
It is a beautiful day in Kohona, birds are singing, all is calm, except for in the Hokage Tower, where an arguement is stirring between 2 angered Anbu and Tsunade-sama, the Hokage herself.
' But Tsunade-shishou! ' exclaimed the female.
' You can't! '
' Enough Sakura! ' yelled Tsunade slamming her fists on her desk effective breaking it.
' I am demoting Sakuya-hime-san of her ninja titles, its just gotten to hard for her...' Tsunade said softly, while rubbing her temples.
' Hn. ' the first male said.
' Shut it Sasuke! ' Sakura yelled.
' Yah, TEME this is serious! Sakuya-Chan is our friend! ' screamed the second male quite loudly.
' Hn. Shes weak. She wasnt meant to be a ninja.'
About this time a female with long dark purple hair with black streaks and midnight-black cat ears and matching tail came in.
She was wearing medic-nin attire and was in a wheelchair.
' Ahh, Sakuya-san just the woman I wanted to see...' said the female Sanin with a sad, but stern, look on her face.
' Y--Yes Tsu--Tsunade-S-Sama.' The shy female said as she bowed.
' Naruto-san, Sakura-Chan, U--Uchiha-S--Sama.' She greeted.
' SAKUYA-CHAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!! ' Naruto screeched as he cried anime tears and ran to her and captured her in a death-bear hug.
Sakura ran over and threw him through the wall before she passed out from lack of air.
' ENOUGH!! ' The Godaime exclamed, having been fed up with foolish actions today.
Sakura took her place on the other side of Naruto, and Naruto got up and took his place next to the Uchiha prodigy.
' Now. Sakuya, do you know why you're here?' Sakuya nodded sadly with a fake smile that would've made Sai jump with glee.
Tsunade smiled with distaste, as she pulled out a blue and gold scroll that said, Sakuya Kobayashi on the front when she unrolled it, it read: Gender: Female, Age: 15, Rank: Special Jounin (medic), Team: 18, Village: Moonlight, Residing In: Kohonagurke, Clan: Legendary Kobayashi, Main Techniques: Genjustu, Weakness: Disabled, Heart Failure, Curse Mark, Fear of Blood, Fear of Snakes, Container of the ' Shi Kita.

When she finished reading the scroll, she swiftly crossed out the rank and team rolled it up and wrote, DEMOTED above her name.
She handed Sakuya the scroll with hesitant hands and watched her exit from the room.
Tsunade sighed as she watched Sakura run out the room to comfort the timid heiress, Naruto went to train to relief his stress, and Sasuke smirk with sickening joy.

Sakuya removed herself from her wheelchair and grimaced in pain as she landed on her knees.
She pulled herself into a sitting position, put her head down and hugged her knees. 
She looked up with teary eyes when she heard the door open and put a fake smile on It was Sakura, she came over and set by her and smiled a sad smile, but her eyes told that she was angry.
' S---Sak--Sakura-Chan...' the young Kobayashi heiress stuttered.
' Hime-san...Gomenasai..I---' she started but was cut off.
' No.' Sakuya's voice was firm, but her actions said otherwise, she was looking at her knees and playing with a strand of her hair.
' It was my own fault, I havent been sleeping much because of the nightmares and U--Uchiha-S---Sama coming back h--hasnt faired m--me w---well.
Sakura looked at her, taken aback.
         ' Thats the first time shes ever stood up for herself! Well, at least around us.'
Inner Sakura: O.o Yah! Wow!

Just then, Sakura's eyes widened and she started smirking.
' Hey Sakuyaaaaaaaaaa................' She said in a sweet sour voice.
Sakuya looked up and immediately got suspicious.
' Sakura-C--Chan....??
' We're leaving Kohona at dawn with Hinata-san.'
The hieress's eyes widened but then smiled a fake smile and nodded.
' Hai, demo what about Hina-san? What if she doesnt want to--'
' She will Hime-Sama.'
Sakura smiled and gave the girl a reassuring hug.
' Now. Lets get you in that chair and go to your Manor and pack.'
Sakura helped her in the chair, and they walked to the Kobayashi Manor.

Halfway to the Manor, Sakuya got curious.
' Sakura-san?' she asked.
' Yeah?'
' Why are we going to the Manor?'
' What do you mean?' Sakura asked dumbfounded.
' Isnt that where you live?'
' Yes, but dont you have to pack?'
' Nope! ' Sakura smirked happily.
' Nani?'
' I was going to leave for R.O.O.T to live with Sai, anyway.' she shrugged.
Sakuya nodded as they appeared at the front gate.
The guards opened the gates for them as a man no more of 25 appeared to greet them.
He had white pants and a robe-like shirt on.
Coal black stoic eyes leered as white cat-ears stood on his white hair.
' M--Matashi-san.' Sakuya greeted as she bowed.
' My Lady. ' the man greeted as he nodded, then turned to Sakura and eyed her questioningly.
' Haruno Sakura.' Sakura answered firmly.
Matashi nodded to Sakura and let them pass.
But little did they know, they were being watched by 6 people in the shadows, 4 of which were VERY bloodthirsty.

As they entered the Manor, Sakura was frozen in awe.
The floor was bleach white quartz, there were mahogany staircases that seem to stretch on for miles, violet, lavendar and gray draperies, one LARGE painting that had 3 people standing together 1 of the
three looked like a very young Sakuya.
Then it hit her.
Sakuya's mother and father!
Her mother had mid-length black-brown hair and beautiful hazel-green eyes.
Her father had shoulder-length spiky grayish-blue hair and silver-gray eyes with no pupils.
Sakura looked at Sakuya to see her eyes glazed over with a far away look in them while looking at the painting.
Sakuya looked at Sakura with a sad broken smile.
' I--I dont remember much of them, m---my only memory of my parents is when they were m---murdered..' she looked down.
She started shaking and her fists were tightening until she drew blood with her claws.She looked at
her hands and started shaking uncontrollably.
' Blood?' she whispered.
' Sakuya! ' Sakura yelled scared.
She knew what came after that.
Shi Kita.
Not a second later, Matashi appeared and grabbed her wrists.
Sakuya's head was hanging down.
' Sakuya.' Matashi said sternly.
Sakuya slowly lifted her head and looked at Sakura through her bangs with glowing red eyes but they flashed back to normal and Sakuya sat up.
' G---Gomen---Gomenasai..' Sakuya whispered.
' I--I--Im fine, Matashi-san.'
' A--Arigatou.'
' M---Matashi-san??'
' Hn?'
Sakura and Sakuya both cringed.
                       ' Sasuke.'
They thought.
' C---Can you h--help me u---up the st--stairs?' she was blushing five different shades of red.
' Hn.' he smirked as he picked her up bridal-style.
' M--Matashi-s--san!!! ' Sakuya squeaked.
' I--I--I asked y--you t--to help m---me! '
' I am My Lady.' Matashi said cooly.
Sakura was behind them laughing her head off.

When they were in her room he decided to toy with her a little.
He gently laid her on the bed on her back and leaned over to her ear where his hot breath tickled her neck and whispered, ' You're welcome My Lady.'
If it was even possible she turned even redder.
Sakura was on the floor laughing holding her ribs and gasping for air.
' S--Sakura-C--Chan!!!!! ' she stuttered.
' I--It's n--n--NOT f--fun--funny!!! '

When they calmed down, they started packing nesessities for Sakuya for the long trip.
They packed 15 different royal kimonos, ninja attire, weapons, medical supplies, jewlery, and money.
1 hour later, they were ready, Matashi helped the heiress down the stairs, and they went to the kitchen to get a snack to start their trip.

They were heading out the door away from the Kobayashi Manor to pick up the Hyuuga girl.
' Sakura-Chan?'
' Hm?'
' Arigato...'
' H--Hai, Hime-san.'
The pink-haired kunoichi looked at her cat-ninja friend and smiled, then rang the doorbell to the Hyuuga household.
The door opened slowly as an elderly servant appeared.Sakura looked thoughtfully at the man, and said ' Hinata-san, please.'
He nodded to both kunoichi, and summoned a young girl, she bowed and scattered to get the violet-eyed teen.

The young maid came back with Hinata in tow.
Hinata was carrying a black medium-sized ninja bag buldging out the ends with who-knows-what.
The maid and the elderly man bowed as the three of them made their way to the gates.

The air was tense as they got closer to the gates.
They were only a few inches from the gates when they stopped.
Dead silence.
Sakura spoke up.
' We have to do this.'
' Hai.'
They quickly walked out to not get caught by the guards.
When they were far enough not to be in sight, Sakura stopped and turned half-way around, looked back and flipped off the village.
A/N: words: demo=but, Gomen/Gomenasai=sorry/very sorry/forgive me, Hai=yes/okay, Hime=Princess/royalty, nani=what


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