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Chapter 2 - Le Short Battle and Stuff!

A magical girl meets a normal boy and they create havoc, but in a good way!
However, many secrets will be revealed as they get close....

Chapter 2 - Le Short Battle and Stuff!

Chapter 2 - Le Short Battle and Stuff!
It was windy today, so I had to ride to school with my brother instead of fly there, like I usually do.

I guess I didn't explain what my magical girl "theme" was yet. It's some angel theme, and it's pretty cute! (AN: this will be in a drawing sometime as well), idk when It's blue and white, like Jon was wearing yesterday. And stuff.

Due to a sickness going around, some of my classmates, including Jon, were absent. And I apparently have to give him the printout notes tomorrow in class. Oh well, I at least got to say hi to Brad (AN: His name's not Brad. I just choose not to reveal his name.), who Jon thinks I have a crush on but I don't, in Art and Algebra. We're just good friends that share an interest of Klonoa.

But now I have to battle a giant sea monster near the ocean* as a Magical Angel Girl person with sparkly eyes and sh**. But as i was about to battle the monster--

BAM!! thunder struck and it began to rain.** The monster was about to strike me, but suddenly...

"Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!"

Jon came running toward the monster and aimed a bow and arrow at it. He had successfully defeated the monster. ...but hw did he know it was a bow and arrow?

"Hey," he said as he then turned to me, blushing a little. " you get cold in that? I mean it's short-sleeved..."

"No." I smiled. "But maybe we can get some hot chocolate."

"Sounds good with me!"

*I guess this takes place in a similar place to PLH? Not the same place, but maybe in Boston, Massachussetts! I visited that city alot as a child before moving ^-^
**It is raining as I write this XD

It was a short chapter, but I had school stuff to work on, along with other real life stuff, since that's more important than writing fanfics... But I'm proud of it! I will write when ideas come to my mind. It could take a day, a week, or even a month or year.... But I'll try to post the next chapter soon!


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