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A magical girl meets a normal boy and they create havoc, but in a good way!
However, many secrets will be revealed as they get close....
Hope u like it and PLZ comment!
Three young boys are now angels,but they weren't always. They are quite new to being Heavenly, but they want to be human once more... for a good reason...Their best friend. Can they become human again in order to save her from darkness...?
As promised here is the story for my new pictures. There
will be a Manga version for this story. It`ll be coming
soon. - This is not the True Title - (Note: AD - U`ll see.)
Rating: A/13+ - Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, and Romance
One story that I love to tell is how any Angel can be helped by us normal people
A girl named Aiko gets her prayers answered. But it isn't what she expected. (sry about the italics at the end!)
A forgotten angel lost during the reign of the evil god Malvagità escaped and put on earth to grow up, Skyla begins to wonder about her origin since she could nevere figure out where she was originally born. A masteriose old woman who asks her for a