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Chapter 4 - A Little Delivery Service

A magical girl meets a normal boy and they create havoc, but in a good way!
However, many secrets will be revealed as they get close....

Chapter 4 - A Little Delivery Service

Chapter 4 - A Little Delivery Service
One day, I decided to help deliver some mail (my mom told me to ask if anyone needed help instead of me drawing all day...). The mailman told me that I could be his apprentice, and the reward was some stuff for sewing, so why not? It could be fun!

The first destination was just a neighboorhood; one of the houses had a large black dog who could rip someone's face off! So I quickly put the letters in the mailboxes, and I was carful enough to avoid the dog.

Then I took the sack of mail and flew to next the destination- a road that I shouldn't be on but I have to for this delivery service. But then I saw a familiar address--

His address...

Yes! I finally get to see him again! So I flew to his house as he opened the door.

"Rachael! What are you doing here?" he happily asked me. "And you SURE you don't get cold in that?"

"No! It's not even Winter yet!" I laughed. "Anyway, I have a package addressed to... Your mother?"

Jon took the package and examined it. "No, that's for my sister. Nice guess though!"

And then we both blushed.

"C-Can you stay for a while?" he stuttered.

"Sorry, I've got to work with the delivery service..." I sighed.

"Like from the movie about a witch who has to deliver stuff?"

"Kinda similar to that. Plus I get a sewing kit for a reward!"

"That's cool! Well, since you're leaving..."

And then he kissed me. I'm SO CONFUSED on how to feel though... Do I feel happy that I gained someone close, or angry that he never told me?

"And there you have it." He gave the biggest smile I've ever seen. "You can go now. I love you!"

"L-Love you...?"

And then he closed the front door.

He didn't catch my confused feeling, but it's okay. He knows I'll be busy with magical girl stuff and deliveries, so it's all good.

And so after the last delivery, I flew away, squealing. And then I sang a few songs. Even The Lion Sleeps Tonight, which doesn't even relate to my feelings. I just LOVE singing it when I'm happy and when nobody's watching.

(A few hours later....)

I got back and the mailman seemed rather shocked.

"Well, since you got here quicker than I expected, here's ten dollars as well," he told me as he handed me the sewing kit and ten dollars.

It wasn't as surprising as earlier, but it was still pretty good.


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