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Chapter 5 - The Next Battle, Because-- Oh, You Get The Message!

A magical girl meets a normal boy and they create havoc, but in a good way!
However, many secrets will be revealed as they get close....

Chapter 5 - The Next Battle, Because-- Oh, You Get The Message!

Chapter 5 - The Next Battle, Because-- Oh, You Get The Message!
(Author's Note: I had a lot to do today so I wrote this in about ten to fifteen minutes. So expect it to be crappy and awesome at the same time :D )

I woke up. And as I woke up, I noticed it was the day of the Christmas party. Dang it, I'm not ready for tonight! And I most certainly didn't get gifts for anyone because I forgot-

My cellphone rang. I ran over to it and picked it up. "Hello?" I asked. "...No, I'm not sure if this is a good idea... Okay, see you there, and I hope it goes well. Bye!" I hung up and decided to get ready.

I waited for a few hours and wasted all of them doodling, as usual.

But then, I heard a monster's roar, and I knew what that meant.

Magical Girl Transformation Sequence Crap That Doesn't Take An Hour Time!!

So I opened the window and began to fly toward the monster, and then some random woman shouted at me.

"Billa Jean! Don't fight monsters!" she screamed.

"For the three hundred forty-seventh time, I'm NOT Billa Jean!" I clarified as I hit the monster with my giant stick-thingy-- which is a wand.


And then HE comes by again.

"MORE monster stuff?! YES! I get to be the hero!" Jon squealed, getting out his... Guitar (I don't care if he had something else, I'm trying to pull a trope) and started playing it, lulling the monster to sleep.

Next thing you know, we bring the unconsious monster to the ocean and put him there because he belongs there, and everyone starts cheering.

"Random couple of heroes! Get over here so I can take your picture for the newspaper!"

And when he snapped the photo, we did bunny ears to each other like best friends, or possibly lovers, would do!

And then we kissed and IT GOOOOOOD! (yes that is a reference to a horrible Twilight fanfic I've read... It was hilariously bad... of course I'm using it in a MUCH better way. )

(Author's Note 2: This is just part one since I have so much to do today.... Expect part 2 sometime when I don't have to do stuff related to school!)


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