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Chapter 1 - Questions

Some 'typical' phylosofic questions which I made up and answered according to my view on life. I invite anyone who wishes to share their view on these questions, to leave a comment with their answers

Chapter 1 - Questions

Chapter 1 - Questions

Question of the day:

If someone asked you were funny, what would you say?[/i][/b]

Shrug and walk away.

Question of yesterday:

If given the options "look into your future" or "look back into your past" which would you pick?

I guess I'd look into the past, reflect on how I was and learn from that. If I look into the future it wouldn't be too exciting anymore. Besides, if you'd look into the future and plan on doing all things you are going to do wrong, to do them right, then you wouldn't have looked into your future because it would suddenly have changed into a different future. So it's either impossible to see your future, or the future you will see will be inevitable. While the past is like a memory, that only needs to be regained and remembered again, which can done by a deep hypnosis or something, and that's why it's possible to look back at your past, but since the future has not happened yet, looking into your future is extremely unlikely.

Question of tomorrow:

If you had died and gone to heaven, would you dare ask the mighty Lord ((if he does exist)) if you could get a sneak-a-peek into what hell would be like?

I don't know, I'd be curious I guess... but I don't think that even in heaven you will be able to speak directly to God, so even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able too. Besides I think once you die you lose all memory, so I wouldn't remember anything about a hell, God will just have mass-brainwashed the deceased into only having eye for him and the cute clouds and angels up there, hearts so full of love and without any worry, no one would even remember a thing such as hell, because there's no evil anymore ((brainless dolls are happy I guess, since you don't know anything else))

Evil-question of the moment:

The world is exhausted. The food is all eaten ((all animals are gone too, exstinced)), water supplies are scarce, people are in panic, - only way to survive is to eat someone.. Would you do it?

All people suck, so by the time that has happened the government will already have set up a program where 'humans for consumption-purposes' are breeded, and then you can buy like 'old meat' for cheap price, and then the rich can afford 'baby- and/or infantflesh", just like now with the cows-meat and baby-cow-meat and stuff. And then like, minorities are real expensive because they are rare. There will be jobs like, hunters who go into deep forests to kill a forgotten tribe which is very rare and thus expensive meat. And instead of having heads of rhino's ((or animals like that)) hang on our walls, we hang stuffed human heads on our walls, which will become a real trend because you can like, use plastic surgery for them to look real pretty, and decorate them with jewels and stuff. The prettier they are, the more you show of your wealth, thus the more prestige you gain. And no one will think of killing people for food or decoration or just as a fun hobby ((hunting humans)) as bad anymore, just like we now hunt animals for meat, decoration and clothing or just for a hobby. Of course there will be action-groups who'll say 'stop the human-hunting! Humans are meant to live free and not to be raised in too small cages with a bunch of them together', and then you'll get biological-human-breeding, where humans can live on a piece of land in a small house until they are old and fat enough to be slaughtered and eaten. And when you go to the cinema's you can buy crispy fingers and chocolate eyeballs, and the world will just continue on like we have never lived otherwise.

That is until the aliens abduct us.


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darksoul666 on June 19, 2007, 8:29:12 PM

darksoul666 on
darksoul666lol excellent

StephAlanPoe on July 18, 2006, 6:16:34 AM

StephAlanPoe on
StephAlanPoemmm, infant flesh... *drools*

WishGranter on April 13, 2006, 10:11:00 AM

WishGranter on
WishGranterI loved your answer to the last one. Ohmagawd!!! YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK ABOUT IT :D

p.s. I miss OSWY

axemsir on March 19, 2006, 4:19:50 PM

axemsir on
axemsir^^ fun questions ^^
1 i would say yes! but not right now... and then bounce off

2 i would choose to look into the future, my past hasn't been real easy so i prefer to look forward, to see and do things i have never seen or done before (kinda startrek like, no?)
life is just more fun that way ^^

3 i wouldn't want to take the risk ^^ what if it's all a setup and he kicks me down there as soon as i look? (good thing i don't believe in god!)

4 immidiatly!! ^^; i'd start with teachers!
but i think if the only food souce on earth would be other people, we all would die out in three months or so