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WishGranter's Profile

WishGranter's Profile
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Username WishGranter Gender Female
Date Joined Location Comer tu queso en otro pais!!! XD
Last Updated Occupation I draw for my own desires!!
Last visit # Pictures 152
# Comments Given264

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Member Info
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Man, I'm sorry for saying this, but this new layout for FAC is annoying!!!
I just had to say that.
Anyway, HI! Thanks for checking out my profile! Sorry to say I can't take requests anymore, cuz, one; I'm too lazy and two; I don't have time to XD
but comments are greatly appreciated!
Note to my fans(If I have any XD):
I'm going to do a sweep of all my old drawings, so that only my new comic and my new pictures will stay up.
If you want me to keep any of my pictures, go to it and leave a comment there saying you want it to stay or whatever.
I'm doing the sweep August 1st, k? tell me before then. Thanks!
P.S. My stories will stay
About my profile picture:
Haha, it's a picture of me and my lizard; Mr. Lizard. It was easter and I had gotten my hair cut! ~Ain't I sexxy? haha joking~
Stuff about me
Name: Crystal
Nickname(s): Cecoe, or Mamma Duckie ♥
Age: 13
Height: Uhmm... 5' 8"
Weight: 135/140 >_<
Fav. Color: Dark Purple/ Black
Stereotypical Clique: I hang out with the Goth/Emo labeled kids, but I've been called a prep before. I ain't a prep, but people say I'm too happy to be a goth. As for my friends, I try to be friends with everyone, so I guess with my friend range, I can be any group except for Jock. XD
Absolute favorite FAC artist: Pienemien ♥ I lub Matt :) and Steef
Favorite animal: Chinchillas ♥
Available: No, sorry. I gotz me a bf
Favorite food: Ramen is yummy, but rice is good too, I like macaroni and cheese too... I guess really any pasta as long as it's not spicy XD
Favorite Band: I like a lot of bands. My Chemical Romance and Dresden Dolls are cool, but I also like Eminem, his songs are probably the only kind of Rap I can stand to listen to. It's not racism that I'm not too fond of rap, it's just, like, almost every freakin rap song is about naked girls or sex or doing other bad things and now I'm rambling so...
Favorite Anime: Alien Nine
Favorite Manga: Umm... Alien Nine/ Petshop of Horrors/ Saint Tail


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kermitXD on March 26, 2008, 12:03:55 PM

kermitXD on
kermitXDoh how awesomeness! you love lizards like i do! i never met anyone who did! wow hey lets be BFF! :3

Cecoeluv on April 19, 2008, 6:56:18 AM

Cecoeluv on
Cecoeluvhi! Glad you like me haha! I lurvles lizards!! but I don't use this account anymore haha! This is my new account, so check me out here if ya want!! :D mucho love, BFF! :D

Dasher on March 15, 2006, 11:30:56 AM

Dasher on
DasherHi. I was wondering if you could draw a picture of a rabbit, kinda like the way you drew the little squirrel(Want some nuts?) and the panda. They're sooo cute. If not that's cool.

hamsterhamper on February 21, 2006, 11:33:27 PM

hamsterhamper on
hamsterhamperoh yes pikachu would b nice sorry to trouble you but could u do me a pikachu and a white hamster leaning on a gian sunflower seed :) thanx so much :3 if you want anything in return just tell me

Darksideofme on February 18, 2006, 9:02:33 AM

Darksideofme on
DarksideofmeWoW! I love your pictures. They are really well done! Keep drawing! By the way..thanks for the comment on my picture ^____^

Xx_AviloriA_xX on December 18, 2005, 10:34:29 AM

Xx_AviloriA_xX on
Xx_AviloriA_xXWell not all were from you but yeah you did post the most. But its okay, i was suprized by them, but you had points that i agreed on that i should correct.

Ah i'm sorry for the bad day. I never had a point when bad artists get on my nerves. No wait, one who is in my study group. I dont wanna hury his feelings, but he sucks @$$. And wants to watch me draw so he can learn. No sense in his head. I had to learn all by myself and he comes along and wants to copy?! Nope. Not while I LIVE!

But anyway, cut down on the sugar ^^.

Okay that is just wrong about the girls boobs start at her navel! I mean, I don't think God would make a mistake like that!! Violence, my downside of my anger...

Ah well i typed too much again. Its okay for the comments!

Talk again!

Xx_AviloriA_xX on December 17, 2005, 9:33:03 AM

Xx_AviloriA_xX on

I want to thank you for posting your opinions on numerous of my pictures. No, I will not be a smart @$$. No one is perfect, and I do make foolish mistakes here and there. But I will be greatful for the comments because its not everyday i will see 15 emails in my inbox.

Thank you again.

poison-arrow on November 20, 2005, 2:38:00 AM

poison-arrow on
poison-arrowi added some new pages to my comic!Come check it out(^^)

Liedetector16 on October 31, 2005, 8:38:01 PM

Liedetector16 on
Liedetector16sorry to hear about your scanner. What a bummmer!!! I hope it gets fixed soon so all can see your GLORIOUS NEW COMIC! ^ ^
I don't think I'd do very well on a comic. I like to draw things on a MASSIVE scale - and all those teeny tiny boxes would make it rather hard.... but let's say i'll make you a deal - if you do a pic of my all time fav video game character (Link - Legend of Zelda), no deadline, then I'll try to start a comic. Deal? ^ ^ (you may also take this as a request!)
comment any time you like!

Liedetector16 on October 31, 2005, 5:21:23 AM

Liedetector16 on
Liedetector16AW! I'M SO SORRY! *STOMPS ON MEAN PEOPLE!* Well, maybe you could start another one! *puts thumbs up* let me know if you do! and thanx for the comment! It's been a while since I put up some art.... I guess I need to get on the move!

Liedetector16 on October 30, 2005, 9:10:12 PM

Liedetector16 on
Liedetector16YOU! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COMIC?!!! IT JUST CUT OFF AND THERE'S NOT A TRACE OF IT TO BE FOUND!!!! (I didn't know what was going on anyway but....) IT WAS KOOL! WHY DID IT GO AWAY?!!!!!

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