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Chapter 1 - Setsuna's POV

She was a murderer. Then I changed her. She became the only hope for the universe. She is a senshi...RATINGS NOT YET DECIDED!!!

Chapter 1 - Setsuna's POV

Chapter 1 - Setsuna's POV
~Setsuna's POV~

She was a killer. Bloodying her clothes...laughing at the screams of terror and death. Laughing in the face of danger. A dare devil. Showing no mercy for the innocent...and most of the time the people of crimes...mainly felonies. She was the daughter of the devil. Maksime is her name. Maks for short.

Maks had wavy/curly, waist length, strawberry blond hair. Along with a dead silver/grey right eye that shined in the night and a amber/gold/yellow left eye that blinded the people of the day. Not many people knew her. Maybe because she was the best at getting away with murder. Never got her license even though she could of. What turned her into a cerial killer you ask? Find out for yourself. The only thing your risking is you very soul.

Her eyes and hair weren't the only strange traits that she had. Maks was qieut tall for a girl. Around 5'6- 5'8. Very tall 'woman'. She was a bit of a shop-a-holic, but couldn't shop much cause then people could get to know her features well. So she had limited outfits...really a small wardrobe. So when she went shopping on a limited budget, she bought many needed supplies. Yet, apperiance isnt everything. Though she did have a fare skin tone. Like she had been at the beach all day. Kinda like a tanned cowboy...just not sun burnt. Almost mucho, just not there.

Weapons? She had'em. A stolen hand gun strapped around her left theigh and a knife strapped around her left arm. While a gernade was strapped to the other arm. On the right theigh...not sure. Cause when she goes to murder, how her clothes are, is what makes you wonder what ALL shes got. Maks wears a grey cami tank with baggy almost lounge like camo pants. Some what of pants. The right sleeve is all the way down to her foot, while the left sleeve is a daisy duke. Which reveals her gun. Around her neck she has a Cross and dog tag. Then there is also a chocker on her neck. A wrist/sweat band on her right wrist and a small watch on the other. No one knew how old she was except for herself. They say shes still a teenager or a young adult.

Why I all know this? Because I survived the demonic trance of hers and escaped. Though, I couldn't turn her in. One, because I had no idea where she brought me. Two, she had been turned in before, but killed everyone of the police that saw her and destroyed her record. Last, because something in me had me wrapped around her finger. As if I had fallen in love with the dangerous monster. Why? It's a long story...and I'll start it from the beginning...

~End POV~


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