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We need YOU to be the next recruit!
This is not the story, just where I can see who's all gonna join.
A new site has been created
Want to prove your a sailor scout?!!?
For all you loyal LeoxHazel romance fans! It isn't near completion, but its something I've had for a while. Takes place before Crystal Tokyo and after they're fighting! Rated M for safety!
...look at the title...
She was a murderer. Then I changed her. She became the only hope for the universe. She is a senshi...RATINGS NOT YET DECIDED!!!
A husband with a full time job. A child in college. Middle school twin girls. And three year old triplet boys. Also work, house duties, mothering and being a sailor senshi. Seems impossible doesnt it? Welcome To the Diaries Of Hazel Lovely.
We fear them...we dream of them...they're demons, animals, plants, monsters...etc(Ratings Not Yet Decided) SIGN UP NOW!!!
......please read its hilarious and a Christmas Carol. And ur Christmas present from me.
The Tombsake War destoryed a clan friendship, but can two yound ppl restore it?
Please read and comment. At least the first chapter. If you do like this story anyway. Dont expect daily upgrades. Because I got other stories to work on.
I remember her. She was my hero. She gave her life to help me. I was just a mere cub. A kitten. Why? I'll explain why.
well i had to make this in school

yet i really liked it even though it had to be a prepasitional poem

(great voc)
Can I be human and save her from going to Hell alone? Even if it means my life. Violet, I love you.
Since Tuxedo_Mini_Mask doesn't have time I'm makeing a discontinued story of his SM OC. Hope u like it.^^
DISCONTINUED Leave me here then. You'll don't need me and once you relieze what tradity ya'll caused. I wont be here. Ever. You said leave and never come back. So I want. Until I find the truth.
...........nothing really but read it
Well it is my first little story of the outers. But if hope you like the discription i used.
The New Sailor Scouts are back. New enemys. More action. And more crazy Hika stuff. Also a new main charcter. Lastly leaves that can the scouts defeat a enemy that knew the scout genaration before them. Find out. HeatherxAlex fluff.
Mina misses Yaten ever since he left that is. She mourns to see him but has to wait. The song in this story is Does Anybody Hear Her. It was made by Casting Crowns.
Well it is question's but not anwser's to mysterious things but some not mysterious.
Well this came in my head at night and I wrote it done and now it's on here. But it's about Rei and Chad as they confess and kiss. Bow-chick-a-wow-wow.
The future is a steak. 4 girls and 1 boy must keep the original scouts time safe for their princess to come. For this when she comes war shall rage and they shall defeat 2 evil boys
Do you know what you blood type is. If you dont find out if you A, AB, B or O.